Saturday, January 31, 2015

Grace Mugabe Vs Joyce Mujuru

Former Presidential Affairs Minister, Didymus Mutasa has hinted that sacked Vice President Joice Mujuru could be filing a lawsuit against First Lady Grace "Dr Amai" Mugabe over her vicious attacks on her person last year.
Mujuru was fired in December along with several government ministers including Mutasa over allegations of plotting to depose and assassinate President Robert Mugabe.
Grace was the first to open the lid on the accusations in her "Meet the People Tour" series of rallies before the congress accusing Mujuru of corruption, dereliction of duty and plotting to topple Mugabe.
Mutasa, in an interview with South African newspaper, Mail & Guardian, said Mujuru made a mistake by remaining silent at the face of attacks on her person by Grace and other Zanu-PF officials including politburo member Oppah Muchinguri.
"I feel for her (Mujuru) very much and agree that she should not have been silent. I think she is probably doing something quietly through the courts. I don't know really," said Mutasa.
"She is a real freedom fighter. She is a very different character from Oppah Muchinguri [women's affairs, gender and community development minister]. I suppose it is because of those differences that she was selected first as vice-president, and not Muchinguri."
In November, while pushing for Mujuru's ouster, Grace Mugabe sensationally claimed that she had video and audio recordings where the then Vice-President Joice Mujuru was captured speaking ill against the First Family.

Addressing about 1 000 college students and party youths at her Mazowe Children’s Home, Grace said she always wondered why Mugabe was not keen on kicking Mujuru out of office given the overwhelming evidence they had amassed against her.
Grace said she had a video of the VP dressed in a mini-skirt talking to someone saying "rotten" things about her being greedy. 

Grace Mugabe
The First Lady also accused Mujuru of consulting traditional healers to get rid of President Mugabe among a whole lot of other bizarre accusations that eventually led to her dismissal from government.
There have also been reports that Expelled Vice President Joice Mujuru plans to start her own party and challenge Robert Mugabe on the Presidency.

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