Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wedding night survival kit

WEDDING days have created the best memories of most marriages with the couple being the envy of the day.
But as night falls, the chills creep in as brides are often expected to be virgins but that may not be the case. 

However, with a new product on the market called the wedding night survival kit, one’s stress may have been removed from the shoulders of women who would have misled their partners into believing that they were still virgins.

Vaginal tightening creams, soaps and herbs which women use to impress their men have also been named among harmful products which cause cervical cancer as some interfere with the PH balance of the vagina making it prone to infection.

Our news crew spotted the "survival kit" being sold in the downtown shops which comes with vaginal cream to restore the virginity and fake blood to spoil the sheets. This is used by women to convince their new husbands that he is the one who broke their virginity.

Zimbabwean and most African cultures stress the importance of a woman’s virginity. Some even go to the extent of ensuring that newly-weds sleep on white sheets to see if the linen would be spoiled.

If the new bride was not a virgin, she would be mocked by the aunts by drilling a hole on the sheets to show everyone she had not been "sealed". 

This practice, however, did not look at the man, who might have been bed-hopping and finally decided to settle down.
Social commentator Rebecca Chisamba "Mai Chisamba" posed the question, who is fooling who?

"How many men married virgins? Why can we not, as parents, apply the same expectations to man as well?" Mai Chisamba queried.

She said it was unfair that it was only women who are expected to go the extra mile to please men.

"How come it is only women who are socialised to believe they are supposed to please men?  You know there are other things women use like this wanki stone, and this ends up messing up and damages the soft skin of the organ, all that because someone wanted to enter it tight," the talk show host said.

"Get me right. I am not promoting women to sleep around but I am saying we are no longer living in the Stone Age and should be enlightened more," she said.

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