Thursday, August 28, 2014

‘I’m tired of my husband’

“I can no longer bear with my husband’s irresponsible lifestyle. When it comes to our children, he has no clue about their upkeep. 

One of our children was three months old when he took ill. I told my husband but he pretended not to have heard. 

I sold virtually all I had to safe our son’s life because I couldn’t watch him die just like the first. My husband was not bothered. He never asked after the well-being of our child.

“When the second one took ill, I told my mother-in-law who said she would only support me if I gave her turkey because I deal in livestock. Eventually, our son died. 

My mother-in-law said if I had given her the turkey, our son would have lived. 

I was speechless! I vowed not to allow my husband have canal knowledge of me anymore because it isn’t worth it,” 

Middle-aged Toun Onifade yesterday in court

Upendo wa mama

Mtoto wa miaka 5 aolewa

Amhara, Ethiopia - 

 Parents unable to look after children are marrying them off at a tender age, exposing them to maternal deaths.

Mekdes Murgeta does not remember her actual wedding, but her family told her it happened when she was five. Pointing at her own five-year-old daughter she confirms she was her age.  

Murgeta lives in Mosebo, a rural village in the Amhara region in central Ethiopia. There, as in the rest of Ethiopia, it is illegal to be married before the age of 18.

According to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Amhara has some of the highest rates of child marriage in the world

 Estimates in 2009 show at least 50 percent of women marrying before they reach 18. Murgeta thinks she is around 28 now, but is unsure. Keeping track of your age is not common here.

She is six months pregnant with her second kid. "I want to adequately serve them, adequately feed them. If I have many children, I can't do that," she explains. 

Murgeta is part of a growing number of Ethiopian women, many of them child brides, who are taking control of their reproductive lives. 

Wenger- Sina mpango wa kusajili

SANCHEZ-BENFICAWenger revealing afterwards that Giroud could be out for up to four months after undergoing surgery on a broken tibia, it was the ideal moment for Sanchez to showcase his ability to lead the line.

Asked if Sanchez could play at centre-forward during the period of Giroud’s absence, Wenger replied: “For three or four months? He can play his whole life at centre-forward.
“I bought him to play striker, not to play only on the flanks.”

Sanchez’s goal was his first since his £30 million ($50.4 million, 37.6 million euros) move from Barcelona, but Wenger said that he did not see the 25-year-old’s strike as the first repayment on his hefty fee.

“I don’t see it like that,” said the Frenchman.

“He had a good game, not only on the technical side, but on the fighting side. He was mobile, dangerous, and showed as well he has great fighting spirit; qualities that will be very important in the Premier League.”
on the possibility of buying any more players…

If you want to make everyone happy, you just always buy players.

But what is important is the performance on the football pitch and the solidarity we have shown tonight. 

Having said that, if you look at the players we have on the bench and those who are injured, we have players. 

I believe you cannot everytime buy when a player is injured.

on a defender or a midfielder being a priority…

We are open for any position as long as we feel that the player can strengthen the squad. 

Buy to buy, I don't see the purpose of that. If we find the players who we feel can give something to our squad, we will do it in any position. 

We are open but it has to be enough to buy. It has to make sense.

on whether he will sign Danny Welbeck…

on whether Alexis can play up front for 3-4 months…

For three or four months? He can play there his whole life. I bought him to play as a striker, not to play only on the flanks.

on Jack Wilshere's performance…

I feel from game to game he grows. He got some criticism recently and the best response is to show on the pitch that he's getting better and better.

 I think he has found a little burst to get away from people which he didn't have for a while. In the last two or three games you see it slowly coming back.

on Song returning and Ozil's performance…

Mesut Ozil's performance doesn't concern me and Alex Song will not be coming back.


Kiongozi Korea aamuru televisheni ya taifa ioneshe EPL

North Korean leader Jim Jong-Un has ordered state TV to broadcast Premier League football matches
Fervent Manchester United fan and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has issued a decree ordering state television to broadcast Premier League football.

It is believed English football matches, featuring star-studded teams such as Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool will soon be broadcast across the nation following his decision.

The young leader is a long-time supporter of Manchester United and striker Wayne Rooney.

And it is his passion for the Red Devils and English top flight football that reportedly paved the way for football to be included in the country's viewing schedule shake-up.

 However, it will also be illegal. Football clubs sell their video rights to broadcasters in deals that provide huge revenue and this is one way the league remains exceptionally lucrative.

A Premier League spokesman told the Daily Star: 'Nobody has the rights to broadcast Premier League football in North Korea so if this is happening then it is copyright theft, plain and simple.'

Daily Mail