Thursday, October 13, 2016

Awajaza mimba mama na mwanawe

 Msichana aliyejitambulisha kwa jina la Mercy anaomba ushauri.

Ana rafiki wa kiume,mwaka jana mwanaume huyo alikwenda nyumbani kwa msichana huyo na kutambulishwa kwa mama yake (mama wa Mercy).

Hivi karibuni mwanaume huyo amekiri kuwa na uhusiano wa kimapenzi na mama huyo na sasa huyo mama ni mjamzito! mimba ya 'mkwewe'.

Binti wa mama huyo na ana mimba ya kijana huyohuyo.

Anaomba ushauri.

Soma hapo chini
Sometime last year, I asked my boyfriend to come home so I could introduce him to my mother. 

Just recently, he confessed that he has since been having an intimate relationship with my mother and now she is pregnant with his child, a revelation that came after I discovered that I am also pregnant. 

I asked my mum about this and she confirmed this. This has really shaken and disturbed me. I did not know that the two people I love and care for the most can do this to me. 

I am depressed and don’t know how to deal with this. I also don’t know how to handle either of them. Please advise me. I am troubled.{Mercy}

Anaweza kuwa Messi mwingine

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mtoto Mkenya kinara 'Mini Miss Morld'

Azura Wangui Hale and  Sancha Victoria Meso  

At the rate Kenyans are exceling in the global market it is safe to say we have the best crop of talented people leaving a mark everywhere we set foot. 

At the just concluded Mini Miss World competition held in Greece, Little Miss Kenya eight year old Azura Wangui Hale and 11 year old Sancha Victoria Meso under the Pre-Teen category spent a week in Greece from 24th September to 1st October at the Little Miss World festival. 

The two princesses competed with other children in different categories including costume, talent and eco project. Little Miss Kenya Azura received ‘Princess Mini Miss World’ and ‘Best Talent’ awards.

Sancha on the hand was crowed ‘Princess Little Miss World’ and was awarded the ‘Best National Costume.’ 

"Am so proud of the girls. It was very competitive and they made it. Azura's talent stood out from the rest and we were sure she would get the crown." Tinah Lughano Little Miss Kenya National Director said. 
Out of the 37 countries that participated, Kenya was one of the four African countries that was represented with South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia also taking their finalists. 

‘’The children had a life time experience learning and sharing other countries culture, food, dances, dressing and they even learnt a few languages.’’ Tina says. 

The Gala show was themed ancient Greek with all the children dressed in white tunics with a touch of gold and danced to Greek music. 


Friday, September 30, 2016

Ndege ya Ronaldo yapata ajali

Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet has crash landed after its landing gear broke on impact.

The plane crash landed at Barcelona’s El Prat airport in what was described as a ‘terrifying accident’.

It is understood the plane's landing gear broke on impact, and a runway at the airport was closed.

 Eyewitnesses report that the plane's landing gear broke on impact with the runway, forcing emergency forces into action.

It is gathered that Ronaldo bought the plane in 2015, and leases it out for private clients.

Apart from the pilot who was reported to have sustained minor injuries from the incident, no other casualties was reported.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rwanda signs $818 million airport deal with Portuguese investor

Rwanda has signed a major deal with a Portuguese investor to begin construction of Bugesera International Airport (BIA) project at a tune of $818 million.

According to a government statement released on 1 September 2016, the deal is a joint venture between the government of Rwanda acting through Aviation Travel Logistics Holdings Limited (ATL) signed with Mota-Engil, Engenharia e Construção África, S.A.

The project has so far $418 million of initial investment and is scheduled for completion by December 2018 in its first phase, which will deliver a facility with a capacity to receive 1.7 million passengers every year.

Upon completion of this phase, extension works will be undertaken, to upgrade the capacity to 4.5 million passengers annually. The extension will require additional $ 400 million, bringing the total cost of the project to $818 million.

The agreement comprises of financing construction and operation of the airport project over a period of 25years with an optional 15 years extension.

Finance Minister Claver Gatete and James Musoni Minister of Infrastructure represented the government at the signing ceremony. 
Source: biznisafrica