Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mwacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu (2)

Boy With Swollen Hands 5
A young boy is baffling doctors in India – after his hands swelled to giant proportions. 

Eight-year-old Kaleem’s hands weigh eight kilograms each and measure 13 inches from the base of his palm to the end of his middle finger. 

The cricket fan is unable to do many basic tasks – including tying his shoelaces – and has been bullied and shunned most of his life. Boy With Swollen Hands 1Boy With Swollen Hands 9Boy With Swollen Hands 4Boy With Swollen Hands 14Boy With Swollen Hands 3Boy With Swollen Hands 12Boy With Swollen Hands 7Boy With Swollen Hands 10Boy With Swollen Hands 13

Mwacheni Mungu aitwe Mungu

Man Born With Head Upside Down 1
If you’ve ever looked at yourself in the mirror and got annoyed your body isn’t perfect – perhaps, Claudio Vieira de Oliveira will give you a sense of perspective and make you appreciate what you have. 

A man born with physical disabilities so severe his head is upside-down has defied the odds to become an inspirational public speaker.

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, 37, is the man born with his neck folded back on itself – as well as badly deformed legs and almost no use of his arms and hands.

He was born with congenital arthogryposis, deformities so extreme that his mum was advised by doctors to let him die. 

Luckily for him she didn’t listen, and he’s gone on to prove to the world that he can do what anyone can do, and probably do it better.

Doctors told his mother to stop feeding him as a newborn as they believed he had no chance of survival.

But Claudio from Monte Santo, Brazil, has overcome his extreme disadvantages to graduate as an accountant and become a public speaker.
Man Born With Head Upside Down 4Man Born With Head Upside Down 6Man Born With Head Upside Down 2Man Born With Head Upside Down 3Man Born With Head Upside Down 7

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rais kuishi Chamwino

“Mji wa Serikali ujengwe Chamwino kutakuwa makazi ya Rais na Ofisi itajengwa karibu na hapo, utaratibu unaendelea kuona uendelezaji wake utakuwa vipi,”

Rais Jakaya Kikwete

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Uraia pacha

“Usalama wa taifa wanaosema unahatarishwa ni upi ni kwa mtanzania aliye nje kuja nchini kwake au kumpa uraia wa pili Mnyarwanda ambaye nchi yake inaruhusu uraia pacha na ukamnyang’anya hati ya kusafiria na akienda kwao atapewa nyingine huku akitoa siri za nchi na yule mfanyakazi wa serikali mwenye siri nyingi anayezitoa kwa kupokea rushwa. 

Marekani inaweza kuleta satelaiti ikasikiliza mawasiliano ya nchini. Hivi si vigezo vya kumnyima uraia mtanzania aliye nje”.

Mwakilishi wa Diaspora, Kadari Singo 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Boko Haram wachinja wanaume, waoa kwa nguvu

 Following Boko Haram’s declaration of GWOZA town in Borno as an Islamic Caliphate – the dreaed extremists have reportedly began beheading every Christian man they sight in the area – while their wives are being forced into Islam and given out in marriage to the sect members. 
 Boko Haram Picture
The Director, Social Communications of the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri, made the shocking revelation via a statement released on Thursday to Journalists in Maiduguri. According to the statement.

 As it is well known, the catholic diocese of Maiduguri covers the whole of Yobe, Borno and Adamawa States, the three states under strict emergency rule. 

Apart from the churches within Maiduguri that have great share of such attacks by the terrorists group, all the churches on the major road linking maiduguri and Adamawa state have been shut down due to activities of the insurgents.” The statement reads.

“Lately, precisely on Friday, Augustn 22, 2014, the dreaded group had moved steadily and yet more boldly into Gwoza which is in Borno state and the neighboring Madagali LGA in Adamawa State, declaring a caliphate.

“The assisting Priest of St. Denis Madagali, Fr. Aiden Ibrahim fled the Parish with some of his parishioners to the mountains, upon hearing serious fire battle from the terrorists.

“It is quite clear that terrorism has no friend, but it is abundantly clear that the Christians are worst hit. It might surprise you to know that no one knows the state of affairs in this terrorist zone.

“Reports reaching the Director Social Communications, Rev. Fr. Gideon Obasogie in Maiduguri has it that the Whole town and the Parish rectory have been occupied by the terrorists, so many structures and items have been vandalized.

“Dozens have been killed and a lot of church structures have been burnt down. Christians in the town are really in a terrible situation; a moment of great persecution.

“Christian men were caught and beheaded, the women were forced to become Muslims and were taken as wives to the terrorists.

“The houses of Christians that have fled are now occupied by the Haramists .

“Their cars are used by the terrorists. Some Boko Haram sympathizers around the town showed the terrorists Christian homes, and Christians hiding were also identified and killed.

“Strict Sharia Law has been promulgated, as observed by a woman who luckily escaped from the dead zone.

“The situation as it is now has really and truly gone out of control. People are finding it really hard, citizens are being killed in their numbers.