Monday, January 26, 2015

'Poa mshikaji, imetulia hii'

 Friends for life: The story of the abandoned lion cub Sirga who was raised by a German wildlife enthusiast in his 20s was one of the most shared stories on social media last year
 Best buds: Conservationist Valentin Gruener, 27, raised Sirga after she was abandoned by her price
The lioness who became one of the biggest online video stars of 2014 is now being taught to hunt - by the human carer who starred in the viral hit clip with her. 

The heartwarming video showing lioness Sirga 'hugging' conservationist Valentin Gruener is approaching 15million views on YouTube.
New challenge: A documentary series follows Sirga and Mr Gruener as he teaches her how to hunt
As Sirga does not have a pride to teach her how to hunt, Mr Gruener has to get down and dirty and show her
The story of how Mr Gruener, 27, from Germany, raised the 310lbs lioness from a young cub, saving her life, saw him named on Google's inspirational list for 2014.

Now the pair embark on a new journey together, Sirga needs to learn how to hunt - and who better to teach her than Mr Gruener. 

Sirga's way back to the wild is being filmed for a new documentary series which tells the story of the abandoned and dying lion cub who formed a powerful bond of friendship and trust with a young German man.

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