Saturday, October 11, 2014

Uume wa bosi wamtisha housegirl, ashitaki

A suspected sex pest from Gweru's Mkoba suburb exposed his sexual bazooka to his maid as a way of seducing her, a magistrate heard.
Michael Mabana, 26, who is reportedly well gifted when it comes to lengths and thicknesses of anacondas and resides in Mkoba Village 12 appeared before Gweru magistrate Tendai Madanire facing a charge of public indecency.
Mabana, who is employed by Unki Mines pleaded not guilty and was remanded out of custody to tomorrow for continuation of trial.

The prosecutor, Bernard Nyoni, told the court that on August 22 this year around 4PM, Mabana was at home with the complainant, aged 16, who was doing her household duties as a maid.

The court heard that Mabana was on a bed holding his baby when the maid came into the bedroom from outside where she had gone to collect clothes from the washing line.

It is alleged he asked the maid if she wanted her hair done at a nearby salon to which she refused. 

Nyoni said Mabana later asked the maid if she was not happy with what he had said to her. 

He said the maid looked in the direction of the accused and saw his bedroom weapon of mass destruction protruding from his trousers.

Frightened, by the 'deadly anaconda' which has capabilities of 'swelling' her tummy for 9 solid months, the maid took the baby from Mabana and went to the younger sister of their landlord whom she told the shock her life that she had just seen. 

The sister advised the maid to wait for the man's wife to come home from work and 'describe' her husband's bedroom tool of trade which she had been frightened with.
The court heard that the maid told Mabana's wife what had happened and also said she was no longer interested in working for them.

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