Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mwanafunzi Chuo Kikuu afa kwa kisu hostel kwa mpenzi

 Mwanafunzi wa mwaka wa nne katika Chuo Kikuu cha Moi, Steve Wairimu amekufa baada ya kuchomwa kisu katika makazi ya mpenzi wake.

Inadaiwa kuwa, Steve alikwenda hostel kumtembelea la aziz wake akamkuta yupo na mwanaume mwingine aliyetajwa kwa jina la Dickson ambaye ni mwanafunzi wa mwaka wa kwanza kwenye chuo hicho hicho na ndiye aliyemchoma kisu.

Soma zaidi

A fourth year student at Moi University, Eldoret has died after he was stabbed several times by a fellow student in a suspected case of love gone sour.

On Monday evening, the deceased Steve Wairimu, a Hotel and Hospitality Management student at the university’s Eldoret Town campus is said to have visited his girlfriend who lived off campus at Pioneer Roma 1 hostel in the outskirts of Eldoret Town in the company of a friend but found her with another man, a first year student in the same university.

Other students living in the same hostel told the Nation that an argument ensued between the two leading to a fierce fight.

“I was in my room with my friend Dickson when Steve came with his friend. When Steve saw me with him, an argument erupted between the two. I tried to separate them but in vain,” said Faith Bwire, the estranged girlfriend who is a first year student.
Dickson is said to have rushed to the kitchen where he picked a knife and followed the deceased and his friend who had gone out of the house.

“It was only when I was on my way to the security office to report the incident that I stumbled upon Steve writhing in pain on the stairs and bleeding profusely. That is when I discovered that he had been stabbed,” the soft-spoken Faith told the Nation.

The victim died as officials of the students’ council and the hostel management rushed him to hospital. 

He is said to have sustained multiple stab wounds in the stomach, kidney and the heart.
When the Nation visited the hostel on Tuesday, students were talking in hush tones as they tried to come to terms with the Monday 9pm incident.

A blood-stained knife, believed to be the one used to commit the murder, was still at the scene.

The attacker was later apprehended while on his way to town by the hostel’s security officers and students and was held at the security office waiting for police.

Police officers from Langas Police Station had to shoot several times in the air to disperse rowdy students who were baying for the suspected killer’s blood.

Eldoret South Deputy Police Boss Isa Manja said that they were holding the suspect as they launched investigation into the incident.

“Love affairs among students should be discouraged. Their parents struggle a lot to pay school fees and they should concentrate on their studies until the right time,” said Mr Manja.

Isaac Alando, a journalism student said cases of students killing each other over love affairs were on the rise.


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