Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Waziri adaiwa kuzaa na mawaziri

PETRONELLA Kagonye, fired recently as junior transport minister, has said she accepts her dismissal but wants an opportunity to clear her name over allegations she bedded and had children with several cabinet ministers.
Kagonye is part of the latest batch of ministers fired by President Robert Mugabe for being part of an alleged rebellion by former vice president Joice Mujuru who was also sacked over the treachery.  

Apart from supposedly working with Mujuru to topple Mugabe, Kagonye was - according to the state media - also accused of swindling over 900 stand beneficiaries and four housing cooperatives of $25,000.

But commenting on her dismissal, Kagonye said Mugabe had been lied to, adding she hoped she would get an opportunity to clear her soiled name.

"I accept what the President has said because I did not become his follower to get a position. I remain loyal to President Mugabe. 

But all I want is for the truth to prevail particularly on allegations that I was dating (ousted Mashonaland East provincial chairman Ray) Kaukonde and that I have children with several ministers," she said.
Kaukonde, a leading businessman and former Zanu PF chairman for Mashonaland East, was also toppled after being accused of financing the alleged Mujuru rebellion.

Kagonye added: "I have also been accused of being a member of 'gamatox (the Mujuru's group)' yet I have been fighting the gamatox team including Kaukonde since I came into politics.

"All I want is for a chance to clear my name because there are people who have been spreading lies about me and those are the same people who took the wrong information to His Excellency. I have never been part of gamatox. 

I have always been loyal to President Mugabe and will continue to support him in everything he does because I follow his principles. 

I accept his letter and everything he said but I am certain that I will get an opportunity to set the record straight and clear a number of issues that have been claimed. 

I have documentary evidence against those people who have been spreading wrong information about me."
Mugabe has now fired 16 ministers, including Mujuru, over as yet unsubstantiated claims the group wanted to illegally remove him from power.

The 90-year-old leader is currently in the Far East for his annual holiday

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