Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mhitimu Chuo Kikuu aachwa kwa SMS

Kijana mhitimu wa Chuo Kikuu anaomba ushauri baada ya mpenzi wake aliyekuwa akisoma naye chuoni kumuacha ghafla kwa kumtumia ujumbe mfupi kwa simu yaani SMS.

Mshauri afanye nini anaumia

Soma hapo chini

I completed my university studies recently. 

While at the university, I had a girlfriend whom I truly adored. 

However, four months ago and without warning, she broke off the relationship via text message, claiming that she had decided to end the relationship much earlier but thought that was the right time to inform me.
That has hurt me terribly because we had been together just a week earlier and she had acted as if everything was fine. 

I was scheduled to attend an interview the following day which, miraculously, I passed. However, I am still bleeding inside and I cannot even enjoy my work. 

We had dated for three years and I was always true to her. 

We had shared and discussed many things and even our parents were aware of our relationship, which our friends considered to be a model one.  

I feel betrayed and periodically sink into self-pity and depression during which I isolate myself, feeling useless and hopeless. 

I am still shocked and confused and have not been able to share my pain with anybody else. 

I am turning to you because I am an emotional wreck. Please help.

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