Monday, October 13, 2014

"I menstruated non-stop for twelve years" (1)

Just like the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible, I bled for 12 good years. Though the journey was tortuous and dreary but today l am free and l have been free since 2012.

It started as ordinary bleeding -- exceeding five days of menstruation. Later, l found myself having it on for two weeks. At first l was applying prayers to the situation. 

However, before l knew it, it became an every day affair. Imagine the discomfort l would be in 'packaging' myself well each day.  

One or two occasions, l saw hell when it overstretched me in my place of work, that l was almost embarrassed. It seemed hell was let loose. I was lean, yet l was living.  
It got so bad that l could not use the pads but towels.

When my faith seemed falling out of place, l went to the hospital, and billed to meet a specialist, another emergency brought in , so l was not to be attended to.

You know what, l thanked God that it was His hand that l saw moving for my sake.
But the battle raged on, on a greater scale.l pulled up a strong faith which however almost crumbled once again. 

This is because l am a believer, always in the assembly of God's people with the sole request of supernatural healing like that case of the woman of issue of blood in the Bible.

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