Tuesday, October 14, 2014

'I menstruated non-stop for twelve years' (2)

Another day came, when l thought may be God wanted me to see a Gynecologist or whoever. The Senior Nursing Sister l met the first time had told me it was a serious case but she would make sure l see a Specialist direct, through her influence. 

This was not to be as l said earlier. So on the second trip to the hospital, l was on queue with the other outpatients. When it was two people to me, the doctor stopped work. A young female doctor almost my daughter's age ! 

We were directed to another one, who also said he could no longer do anything. I went to the female doctor to plead my case, l was rebuffed. I knew there and then that the obstacles were placed before me to make me look to God and God alone. I said,'God, l am ready for You'
One day, the bleeding came in torrents, as if l had abortion within me. It was heavy. 

I felt weak. I had thought l was going to die l did not go to work.l had to seat on the toilet bowl for sometime to let it flow on. But l cried, groaned in my spirit there and then.

l prayed calling on the Lord Jesus to meet me at that point, that me too l am holding on to the edge of His garment by faith. 
That if HE could do it in the Bible days, He could repeat it for me. Hot tears flowed freely on my face.l was alone in the toilet. And l felt the power of God, though l did not know the dimension it would take. 

I left the place relieved. For three days after, l was still 'packing' myself only to find out that there was no drop of bleeding. And since then God's mercy came upon me, He did IT . HALLELUJAH


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