Thursday, October 9, 2014

Binti asimulia alivyojiunga ISIS, unyama alioshuhudia (2)

Beaded or slightly form-fitting abayas are banned. Women are not allowed to show their eyes.Those who broke the laws are lashed.

 The lashings to the women who broke ISIS rules were carried out by Umm Hamza.

When Khadija first saw Umm Hamza, she was terrified.
"She's not a normal female. She's huge, she has an AK, a pistol, a whip, a dagger and she wears the niqab,"
  Brigade commander Umm Rayan sensed Khadija's fear
"and she got close to me and said a sentence I won't forget. She said, 'We are harsh with the infidels, but merciful among ourselves.'"
 Khadija was trained to clean, dismantle, and fire a weapon. She was paid $200 a month and received food rations. 

Her family sensed Khadija was slipping away, but were helpless to stop it. Her mother tried to warn her.
"She would always say to me, 'Wake up, take care of yourself. You are walking, but you don't know where you are going.'"

"At the start, I was happy with my job. I felt that I had authority in the streets. But then I started to get scared, scared of my situation. I even started to be afraid of myself."
She started thinking: "I am not like this. I have a degree in education. I shouldn't be like this. What happened to me? What happened in my mind that brought me here?"

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