Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Binti asimulia alivyojiunga ISIS, unyama alioshuhudia (1)

A Syrian woman who was brainwashed to join ISIS by a man she met online, opened up on how she fled after witnessing be headings and crucifixions. 
The 25 year old called Kadija told CNN she found herself drawn to a Tunisian man she met online ,he gradually made her trust him and began to lure her to the Islamic state, assuring her it was not a terrorist organisation 
"He would say, 'We are going to properly implement Islam. Right now we are in a state of war, a phase where we need to control the country, so we have to be harsh.'"

 He told her he was coming to the Syrian city of Raqqa, that they could even get married.
"I got in touch with my cousin, and she said, 'You can come join us in the Khansa'a Brigade. She was living in Raqqa with her husband who was with the Islamic State,"

The brigade is the feared, all-female police for ISIS.With her cousin to open the doors, Khadija was welcomed into the feared Khansa'a brigade.

The Khansa'a Brigade is made up of around 25 to 30 women and is tasked with patrolling the streets of Raqqa to ensure that women adhere to proper clothing as outlined by the Islamic State.

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