Monday, September 29, 2014

Wiz Khalifa kakubali kumuacha Amber Rose

NI kweli, sasa imethibitika kwamba, ndoa ya Amber Rose na Wiz Khalifa INAVUNJIKA.

Amber aliwasilisha mahakamani ombi la kudai talaka, mumewe amekubali wachaane.
Kijana huyo ameiomba mahakama imruhusu amlee mtoto wao ikiwa ni pamoja na kumruhusu awe anamchukua na kuwa nae au kumtembelea.

Soma zaidi hapo chini

It's official.Wiz has no desire to beg Amber to stay or she has made up her mind not to stay . 
Wiz Khalifa real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz has  filed a  response to Amber Rose's old's papers in a Los Angeles court yesterday.

According to the file, which was obtained by E! News, Wiz also cited irreconcilable differences for the reason of their split, but he's countering Rose's request for full physical custody of their little boy and asking that the court grant him joint custody and visitation rights.

TMZ also reports that he has accepted to pay her over $1million dollars as she requested before they got married .He also agrees to pay monthly spousal support of over $5000
 He may be  fighting for joint custody because if Amber has sole custody of the child, he would be required to pay her a huge monthly child support till he turns 18 .
He has to prove he would be a good parent to his child without the mother's supervision,but his reputation as a weed smoker may work 
against him

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