Monday, September 29, 2014

Jeuri ya PESA: Rihanna alipa mamilioni kwa siku kurembwa

Most of us look at Rihanna and wonder how a woman could be blessed with such flawless skin?Some men even go as far as saying,they want their lady to glow like Rihanna.
Well, its been revealed that a whole lot of money is pumped into her appearance weekly.According to Look Magazine, Rihanna who is worth $120m spends about $50k weekly on her beauty routine .That's about N8m.

The magazine reports that ,Rihanna’s personal beauty team includes a dermatologist, tanner, a personal eyelash technician, hair stylist and make-up ,who are all available for her around the clock.
“Her eyelash expert is on call 24/7,It’s not unusual for Rihanna to call at 11pm before a night out.
“She gets laser skin tightening, oxygen facials, photo facials, even the infamous vampire facials. It’s not just her face, she gets laser treatments on her body too.
 “[From her tanner], she gets her thighs contoured using the airbrush tanning and he’s also an expert on highlighting her abs too.”
Ri’s hair stylist is paid $2,500 a day to travel the world with her, while make-up artist Mylah Morales is paid $3,200 a week to work with the star....(Continue)
“She has round-the-clock hair experts,Then there’s the actual hair. She only wears human hair that has never been processed – her latest look cost about $7,000. 
It is her most important accessory.Rihanna likes to change her make-up with every outfit and sometimes she’ll change up to five times. Mylah is always there to help her make-up and wardrobe coordinate.”

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