Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kiongozi Boko Haram amjaza mimba binti aliyetekwa (2)


Msichana aliyetekwa kwa miezi 27 nchini Nigeria amesema ana mimba na huenda ni ya Kiongozi wa kundi la kigaidi la Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau.

Msichana huyo alitekwa wakati ana umri wa miaka 17, na wakati yupo kambini mafichoni alifanya ngono na Shekau wakati alipotakiwa kuwaburudisha wapiganaji wa kundi hilo.

Kwa mujibu wa msichana huyo aliyetoroka baada ya kupigwa risasi, kabla ya kutekwa, alilazimishwa kushuhudia wazazi wake wakiuawa kwa risasi kijijini kwao, Konduga, kaskazini ya Nigeria. 

Soma hapo chini 
But I soon learned that after every whisper something dangerous would happen somewhere in Nigeria. 

Depending on the camp, some of the camps have everything, electricity, water and television, with different kind of electronics.

He once asked me if I was willing to fight for the cause, to which I answered no, he told me I could be a fighter and a domestic slave. I didn’t want to speak to him in case what I said offended him.
 All it would take was one wrong word and he would have had me killed. I thought he was drinking or taking something whenever he came, one could notice maybe he lost men or something was not right.We moved a lot and depending on the camp, my role varied, it was so tough travelling around with a baby strapped to my back. 

Abu has many kids from many different women.Some of us women would go to Maiduguri to buy things when we have shortage, and a commander or two would follow us, and we acted as decoy when villages are ambushed.

I’d be sent in to talk to people, then they’d move in behind me and start killing.Some of us girls would also have to carry guns, and often bombs too, there was this girl, she was forced to carry a rocket-propelled grenade launcher on her shoulder, then we had few men in that particular camp."


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