Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kuchapwa viboko 100 wiki mbili zijazo

Ordeal: This is the first picture of Meriam Ibrahim and her newborn to emerge after she gave birth in a Sudanese jail
This is the first picture of Meriam Ibrahim and her newborn to emerge after she gave birth in a Sudanese jail.

 Proud: Father Daniel Wani, a U.S. citizen, from Manchester, New Hampshire, holds Maya for the first time after being allowed to visit to his wife, Meriam Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death for marrying him, a Christian
Mume wa Meriam, Daniel Wani akiwa na kitoto chao kilichozaliwa jela nchini Sudan
INASIKITISHA, inaumiza na kwa hakika ni hukumu ya kikatili kwa mama huyo kwa sababu tu amekataa kuwa Muislamu. 

Meriam Ibrahim yupo jela kwa miezi minane sasa, mahakama imeamuru achapwe viboko 100 na baada ya miaka miwili tangu ajifungue Mei 27 mwaka huu, ATANYONGWA.

Meriam amekata rufaa kupinga hukumu hiyo, lakini imefahamika kuwa kama rufaa hiyo haitatolewa hukumu, baada ya wiki mbili tangu ajifungue atachapwa viboko 100 na kisha asubiri kifo.

This is the first picture of the mother-of-two who has been sentenced to death in Sudan for being a Christian - from inside the prison where she is being held.

In an exclusive photo, Meriam Ibrahim puts on a brave face as she holds her newborn baby girl Maya who was born in the jail where she has been locked up for eight months.

But behind the smile there is a different story - Meriam's eyes have dark rings under them, her arms are alarmingly thin and her face looks gaunt.

Gone is the radiant glow from the day she married husband Daniel Wani, a U.S. citizen, and in its place is a woman struggling with the awful fate awaiting her.

MailOnline can also disclose one of the major anxieties playing on Meriam's mind: despite only just having given birth she will be given the 100 lashes that are part of her sentence in two weeks' time unless her appeal is a success.

The Sudanese authorities are intent on pressing ahead with the barbaric punishment despite mounting international outrage.

The governments of the UK, the US and the Netherlands have expressed concern and a petition calling for Meriam's release by Amnesty got 650,000 signatures.

The picture of Meriam, 27, shows her wearing a red headscarf that hides her short dark coloured hair.

The rest of her body is completely covered by a green shawl and a multi-coloured dress.

It was provided to MailOnline by Justice Centre Sudan, the US-based campaign group which has been paying for her lawyers.

A spokesman for the organisation said: 'We hope that seeing Meriam inside the prison where she is being held will make people realise what she is going through.

'We have lodged an appeal for her but if the verdict does not come back in two weeks' time she will be given the 100 lashes.

Daily Mail

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