Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jaji- Usomi si kigezo cha kuwa mzazi mzuri

Intelligence and education do not guarantee good parenting, a senior High Court judge has said.

Clever people can make ‘absolutely rotten parents’ and many who fail academically give their children a ‘wonderful upbringing’, Mrs Justice Parker added.

Mrs Justice Parker of the Court of Protection.  Mrs Justice Parker, who sits in the Family Division of the High Court in London, suggested that 'book learning' was no guarantee of parental success

In 2006 researchers from Bristol University found social workers had negative attitudes towards parents with learning disabilities – and sometimes broke up loving families with no good reason. 

Mrs Justice Parker’s warning against assuming the best-educated will make the best parents came during a custody hearing involving a mother with a learning disability. 

The judge said: ‘Learning disability is not in itself a reason for a parent not looking after a child.

‘Many clever people make absolutely rotten parents and many people who are intellectually impaired … are warm and caring and provide children with a wonderful upbringing. No one is a perfect parent.’

Daily Mail

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