Friday, February 14, 2014

'Arsenal ni kama mpenzi asiye na shukurani'

Arsenal fans are snubbing next week’s glamour Champions League clash with Bayern Munich because of sky-high ticket prices.

Steven Maxwell, who pays £1,995 for his gold-level season ticket, will miss the match after being quoted £117.98 for his usual seat. 

He said: ‘I take no pleasure in doing this. It’s like fighting with a loved one. Arsenal are like a girlfriend who doesn’t love you back.’ 

Arsenal Supporters’ Trust spokesman Tim Payton said: ‘We are very concerned. Season-ticket holders have already paid up to £2,000 in advance — the highest in world football. Their commitment deserves better. Arsenal’s grasping approach will have a detrimental effect on the noise in the ground, harming the team’s chances for an important game.  

‘Ivan Gazidis (Arsenal’s chief executive) promised that when commercial revenues rose it would reduce ticket price increases. To date, those are just empty words.’ 

Daily Mail

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