Monday, January 2, 2017

Ataliki wake 2, amuoa dada yake

Si sinema, ni hali halisi, kaka na dada wa tumbo moja wameoana na wameieleza mahakama namna 'walivyozama' kwenye mahaba niue!

Cecilia na Johnson Chidyamagwirini wanaishi pamoja tangu mwaka 2014 baada ya kifo cha mume wa mwanamke huyo.

Ndugu ya wapenzi hao wamewashitaki mahakamani wakidai kuwa wanavunja mila na desturi.

Cecilia amekaririwa akisema kuwa, haoni tatizo kuwa mke wa kaka yake kwa kuwa, hakuwa na mume na kwamba, wanaume kwenye eneo la Gokwe walikuwa wanampotezea kwa madai kuwa, mumewe alikufa kwa Ukimwi.

Soma hapo chini

IN a harrowing love story, a brother and sister from Manyepo village in Gokwe who got married two years ago shocked the entire community when they unashamedly expressed their undying love for one another during a court hearing.

The two biological siblings Cecilia and Johnson Chidyamagwiri who knew that they were defying traditional customs by marrying each other reportedly swore that they were determined to spend the rest of their lives together.

So strong was their mutual attraction such that they started living together soon after the death of Cecilia’s husband in 2014.

In a bid to enjoy the incestuous affair with his sister, Johnson reportedly divorced his two wives.

The unusual love story which sounds like an extract from a movie script emerged at Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court where the two siblings appeared last week charged with an abomination.

Confirming the incident Chief Nemangwe said the two siblings openly spoke about their incestuous relationship bragging that they were madly in love.

“The matter came to my attention through some relatives who felt that what the two siblings were doing was an abomination. At first I thought it was a sheer act of jealousy within the family but was shocked when the two parties openly spoke about their two-year incestuous relationship. 

 “The sister said she saw nothing wrong with marrying her brother since she was a widow and that men from her community were shunning her, falsely claiming that her husband died of Aids.

“On the other hand the brother also defended himself saying he did it out of desperation after his two wives unceremoniously deserted him,” said Chief Nemangwe.

He said drama punctuated the court when he asked some family members who were present on what kind of action to take against the two lovers, when they both interjected saying their relationship was none of their business.

“They pulled a shocker when they protested against their relatives’ intervention saying they should not say anything as they were fully aware of their incestuous relationship,” he said.

Chief Nemangwe said he however, fined the two siblings a beast each.

Source-B metro

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