Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mtoto Mkenya kinara 'Mini Miss Morld'

Azura Wangui Hale and  Sancha Victoria Meso  

At the rate Kenyans are exceling in the global market it is safe to say we have the best crop of talented people leaving a mark everywhere we set foot. 

At the just concluded Mini Miss World competition held in Greece, Little Miss Kenya eight year old Azura Wangui Hale and 11 year old Sancha Victoria Meso under the Pre-Teen category spent a week in Greece from 24th September to 1st October at the Little Miss World festival. 

The two princesses competed with other children in different categories including costume, talent and eco project. Little Miss Kenya Azura received ‘Princess Mini Miss World’ and ‘Best Talent’ awards.

Sancha on the hand was crowed ‘Princess Little Miss World’ and was awarded the ‘Best National Costume.’ 

"Am so proud of the girls. It was very competitive and they made it. Azura's talent stood out from the rest and we were sure she would get the crown." Tinah Lughano Little Miss Kenya National Director said. 
Out of the 37 countries that participated, Kenya was one of the four African countries that was represented with South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia also taking their finalists. 

‘’The children had a life time experience learning and sharing other countries culture, food, dances, dressing and they even learnt a few languages.’’ Tina says. 

The Gala show was themed ancient Greek with all the children dressed in white tunics with a touch of gold and danced to Greek music. 


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