Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wenger- Tatizo si fedha, nionesheni wa kumsajili

Kocha wa Arsenal, Arsene Wenger anasema, si tatizo kwake kusajili ila kuna mambo ya kuzingatia ukiwemo umri wa mchezaji, kipaji chake na bei ya kumuuza baadaye.

Wenger anasema, kwake tatizo si fedha ila anatafuta mchezaji mwenye vigezo vinne kikiwemo cha namna nyota huyo anavyoweza kuiboresha timu hiyo.

Soma hapo chini

It’s not the prices, it’s the players. At the moment I’m focused on the players we have. 
The money is never a problem if you have to pay what is requested. The price of a player is down to four ingredients. 
One is the talent, two his age, three is how much you expect him to improve your team, and four his resale value. 
If he ticks all four boxes then the price is not that important. You have to find the player.

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