Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mtoto azaliwa na matundu badala ya pua

Otherwise healthy ... Doctors say it’s likely he suffers from no other problems. Picture: CEN/Australscope
A baby who has two tubes growing out of his face instead of nose has been born and given the name Baby Angelito (meaning little angel) by his parents. 
Doctors say despite the deformed nose, the youngster is perfectly normal following his birth in the city of Chimbote, Peru.

Paediatrician Jose Castillo, who’s looked after him since his birth, explained to local media that the strange condition was the result of a very rare genetic deformity which happens once in every 10 million to 15 million births.

He said the child is stable and his heart and respiratory system are also working fine.

The baby was transferred from his home in Nuevo Chimbote to hospital, some 600k’s away, where he will undergo an operation on the double nose.

The hospital’s neonatal care boss Carlos Arrestegui Ramos said: “He doesn’t have difficulty breathing now, but he will need plastic surgery.”

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