Tuesday, August 18, 2015

KISASI: Mchepuko wamponza

Burning hatred: The man quickly woke up, screaming, and patted the fire out
One man learned a very valuable lesson after cheating on his girlfriend: If you're going to be unfaithful, don't leave your appendages vulnerable to a fiery attack.

After finding out that her man had slept with her co-worker, an unknown woman decided to get some payback - against the very body part he had strayed with.

While he was sleeping, she snuck up on him, with a camera running, and set the underwear he was wearing on fire

Love hurts: The man moaned and the woman told him that she knew he was sleeping with her co-worker
In a 30-second clip shared by Elite Daily, the man is seen fast asleep in a white bed wearing just underwear and a pair of high socks.

A woman, presumably his girlfriend or wife, whose face cannot be seen, carefully and quietly removes the blanket that is partially covering him.

She then opens a bottle of nail polish remover and slowly pours some of the liquid over the groin area of his underwear.

Daily Mail

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