Thursday, August 20, 2015

Binti aliyeachwa kwa SMS kituko barabarani

Embarrassing: The woman is said to have thrown herself on the floor after being dumped by text
Kuachwa noma! 

Msichana aliyeachwa na mpenzi wake kwa ujumbe mfupi kupitia simu ya mkononi amekuwa kituko kwenye barabara yenye shughuli nyingi jijini Hong Kong kwa kugalagala chini kwa saa 1.30 huku akipiga kelele na kulia.

Soma hapo chini 
Dumping your girlfriend by text is possibly not the most adult way to end a relationship - but what this woman did next was certainly not a grown-up way to deal with it.

The woman, realising she had been dumped, threw herself down on the floor of a busy Hong Kong street and threw a tantrum which a toddler would have been proud of.

The epic meltdown - which included headstands, and a number of other poses more usually seen in a yoga studio - went on for an eye-watering 90 minutes.

Video of the tantrum shows people try to intervene at points - only to be batted away by the inconsolable woman. 

Eventually, it seems they realised the only way to get her off the streets of the Tsim Sha Tsui district was to call for professional help.

Paramedics who arrived on the scene after the hour-and-a-half display were forced to restrain the woman, said to be 24, according to The Mirror.

She is then seen being carted off on a stretcher in front of bemused onlookers, who were then able to get on with their days. 

Tantrum: She then screamed and shouted for 90 minutes. Offers of help, like this one, were rejectedStrange: The woman, said to be 24, appears to be wearing sports clothes, and has her hair dyed bright red Confused: The people who pass her having a tantrum on the floor seem bemused by what is happeningOverreaction: Eventually, the woman was taken away by paramedics, who had been called to the sceneDaily Mail

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