Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Si mshikaki tena, ni nyama choma

Police in Argentina are hunting a family-of-six who crammed onto one motorbike before riding through the streets without helmets.

They were spotted driving through the city of San Miguel de Tucuman in Argentina's north-western province of Tucuman.

A man was pictured holding the handlebars of the bike while three young children straddled the petrol tank in front of him and a girl and a woman sat on the seat behind him.
People carrier: Two adults and four children were pictured riding on the same motorbike in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
It comes just weeks after a similar pictured emerged of a family of seven riding on the same motorbike though the city of Junin in Argentina's eastern province of Buenos Aires.

Describing the most recent case, passer-by Etel Ramirez Nazario, 46, said: 'It was shocking to see'
Police say they are looking for the parents. 

A spokesman said: 'We have seen the picture and strongly condemn this utterly irresponsible and dangerous behaviour.

'We have appealed for anyone who recognises the family to come forward.'  
Police are also hunting a family of seven seen riding on the same motorbike through the city of Junin just weeks agoDaily Mail

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