Monday, February 2, 2015

Mwandishi akaa jela siku 400, aachiwa

Peter's Greste's brother Andrew (centre), mother and father said his excitement was tempered [EPA]Peter's Greste's brother Andrew (centre), mother and father said his excitement was tempered.

The family of Peter Greste, who has been released by Egyptian authorities after 400 days in prison, have said the award-winning Al Jazeera journalist's relief at being free is marred by the continued imprisonment of his colleagues.

Baher Mohamed, a producer, and the channel's Cairo bureau chief Mohamed Fahmy, who were working on the same stories as Peter, are still in jail and on Monday started their 401st day behind bars.

Greste's brother Andrew said on Monday that Greste was still worried about the fate of his colleagues.

"Straight up he's not going to forget his two other colleagues. There's no doubt that his excitement is tempered and and restrained and will be restrained until those guys are free," Andrew said at a news conference in Brisbane.

"He won't give up until Baher and Mohamed are out of there," he added: "We are thinking of Baher, Mohamed and their families."

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Sunday that Greste had arrived in Cyprus and was "desperate" to return to his native Australia.

Bishop said that Greste had been released "unconditionally".

Greste was accompanied by another brother, Mike, and was reported to be in good health.
Since he was arrested, Greste's parents Lois and Juris have travelled back and forth between Cairo and Australia, campaigning for his release.

At the start of Monday's press conference, Lois Greste said: "It's a day that I thought would never come."

Greste's release followed a chorus of worldwide condemnation over the detention of the three journalists.
“I’m ecstatic,” said Lois Greste, his mother. 

“It is difficult to realise that this day has actually come even though I dreamed about it quietly, not daring to think about it too much.” 

His father, Juris Greste, added: “It is yet to sink in… I feel 40 years younger.” 

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