Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wenger- Tunataka kuwanyuka Man City

Alexis Sanchez
Arsène Wenger says Arsenal must be committed but disciplined against Manchester City on Sunday.

The Gunners occupy fifth spot in the Premier League and a win at Etihad Stadium will close the gap on City to eight points.

There have been six red cards in the last nine meetings between the sides but Wenger believes this figure proves how much the game matters to both clubs.

“It’s a commitment,” the manager said. “It is important that we keep calm, [play with] control and be committed as well.

“We have to find that right balance between going for every challenge but also not going overboard - we have to respect the rules.

“We want to win. You have to die and you want to win. What we want is to put the maximum effort in to give ourselves the best possible chance of winning.

“Mathematically we are not in the best position [to win the league] but what we want to do is give ourselves a chance to come as close as possible and put a top-level performance in.

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