Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Teenage girl stoned to death by father and brother for ‘dating wrong boy’

Pratibha Khan Pratibha Khan was stoned to death by her dad and brother. Pic: AUSTRALSCOPE
A TEENAGE girl in India was stoned to death by her dad and brother after they spotted her with a boy from another village. 
The battered remains of Pratibha Khan, 19, whose face had been “smashed beyond recognition”, were found in fields close to her home village of Malira in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state.

There were also signs that the girl who had six older brothers had been strangled.
Confessed: Pratibha’s father Jagpal. Pic: AUSTRALSCOPE
Shocked friend Alia Modi, 18, said: “I was walking home through the fields when I saw a body lying on the ground.

“It was covered in blood and when I looked at the face it was so badly damaged I didn’t recognise it as Pratibha’s.

“It was only later that I learnt who it was and I was simply horrified.”

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