Sunday, December 14, 2014

When you're famous, no one looks at you as a human

'I sometimes wish I could be anonymous walking down the street like everyone else,' she admits. 'Before I was famous I was the girl on the hill with a guitar.

I was the girl that just wanted a beautiful view of the beach. Now that I'm famous it's really, really difficult to do very simple things.'

I think it's the hardest thing to give up, but my mother always taught me to be strong and to never be a victim, never make excuses, never expect anyone else to provide me things that I know I can provide for myself,' the singer said with emotion.  

'I have dreams and I feel like I have a power to actually make those dreams become a reality. When you're famous, no one looks at you as a human anymore. You become property of the public. There's nothing real about it.

''You can't put your finger on who I am. I can't put my finger on who I am. I am complicated. I grew up with a lot of conflict and dramas and I've been through a lot, just like everyone else.' 

 'My escape was always music, and I'm so lucky that that's my job. But, if I accomplished all of these things and had no one to share it with, it would be worth nothing.'

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