Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Male birth control pills

Male birth control pill is reportedly available on the shelves in South Africa.

According to an Indonasian college secured the patent to produce the male contraceptive pill from a local plant and is now available in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A lot of men have reportedly been scammed into having kids with women they do not want to have kids with.

There have been complaints that some small houses pierce condoms so that they can have either their ‘boyfriend's child. 

This happens mostly when the boyfriend is well-off, or when the small house wants to squander 'maintenance' money from the boyfriend.

Now all those problems will vanish with the male contraceptive pills.

We hope the male contraceptive pill does not lead to men thinking they can have sex without a condom and must remember that the pill does not protect them from sexually transmitted diseases.

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