Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ukistaajabu ya Musa....Sex Mountain (1)

Indonesia Sex Mountain _ 3

It’s one of the world’s most bizarre and best kept secrets of Indonesia. 

In the world’s largest Muslim majority country, thousands of Indonesian pilgrims travel to the Gunung Kemukus, otherwise known as ‘Sex Mountain’ in Central Java, to have sex with strangers as part of a religious ritual. 

Dateline video journalist, Patrick Abboud, got to uncover the incredible life on top of the mountain, given unusual access to what goes on. 

Mr Abboud says every 35 days you have to perform sex seven consecutive times for the ritual to work, UK Daily Mail reports.

‘It’s a pretty bizarre story. A few years ago I read a piece about it and looked into it, it took a while to get there,’ he said.

And what he found he described as ‘incredibly surprising’.

‘More shock of the sheer size of the place and thousands of people, up to 8,000 on a busy night,’ said Mr Abboud.

‘It was hard to make sense of it, after being there it took a few weeks to digest.’

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