Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mke ampikia kondom mumewe

A man of Uganda, was horrified to learn that his wife fed him cooked condoms after returning home from a bar.

The mother of three children said that she decided to teach her husband a lesson after he repeatedly came home drunk.

The woman of Kole, purchased three packs of condoms from a nearby store, cooked them and served her husband, Okello Ocekilec, after returning home drunk.

The husband told investigators that the unused condoms were cut into pieces, put in a pot containing hot water and boiled for some time before being fried with cooking oil and other ingredients.

Ocekilec said that he suspected something was off after tasting the dish. The elders of the city called a meeting in order to discuss how to defuse the tension in Ocekilec’s home.

"Condoms are used for other purposes, including having safe sex, and are not food," a city elder said. Chemicals used to manufacture condoms are unfit for human consumption, while the rubber can affect the digestive system.

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