Friday, October 10, 2014

Kahaba mbaroni kwa kumuumiza mteja

A well known Gokwe prostitute, Irene Mbono better known as 'Pinjisi' is languishing in police custody, after nearly killing her client, who cannot be named, by pulling his manhood, after failing to pay for the conjugal services.
The 63 year old client from Svisvi village of Chief Nemangwe, was hospitalised at Gokwe Hospital three days ago, after his 'ho*ny anaconda' was ripped out, by his 10-minute wife, after the two had enjoyed a steamy sex session.
According to an eye witness, Dickson Sibanda, who rescued the victim from the angry prostitute, the man fainted after screaming for help, but 'Pinjisi' was stuck on the man pulling his privates, while nagging her teeth in anger, for alleged prejudice.
Contacted for comment, Irene's sister Charity could not hide her anger, and said, one must pay for the s*xual service rendered, we did not come here to waste time but raise cash from commercial s*x services."

Another eye witness, Rumbidzai Zvarayi, blamed the police and Gokwe town council for accommodating prostitutes in the industrial area which is now more like a residential suburb for hookers following the closure of many companies.
"Gokwe Council must just clean the area of the hookers and find other business to do with the industrial area," she said.
Mbono is awaiting trial for GBH, and police are waiting for a doctor's report to proceed with action on court papers.
According to several residents, hookers have been causing havoc in the agro-town, and "if this one can be jailed, maybe peace can prevail' said another angry Chipo, a mother of two.

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