Wednesday, October 1, 2014

'If you stop him, he doesn’t say no’.

Mr Cameron used a series of radio and TV interviews to announce plans to offer 7-day GP surgeries
Leaning back and giggling with his fans, the Prime Minister couldn’t resist posing for a celebrity-style selfie yesterday.

David Cameron was mobbed by two women eager for a picture with him as he left the hall after Boris Johnson’s speech.

Mother-of-two Parveen Hassan from Birmingham said: ‘I got two today and two from him before…he’s one of these types of people, if you stop him, he doesn’t say no’.
Activists appeared from all directions wanting a photograph with the Prime Minister in the Symphony HallSitting in the audience for Boris Johnson's speech today, Mr Cameron appeared to be mobbed by Tories wanting a selfieLater Parveen released this second picture with David Cameron, captured in the main conference hallDaily Mail

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