Sunday, September 21, 2014

Falling In Love is Stupid (2)

Love is Stupid
And ladies, don’t you ever feel awkward telling yourselves, ‘that the guy currently asking you out is really going to have to woo you each time, and drown you in the attention you so deserved? 

And that he just has to do the chasing, because you are too much to condescend to chasing after him, only for you to sneak off to the bathroom to check your phone for his messages for the umpteenth time.

Yes my dear, love is a stupid thing. 

And more stupid is the fact that you can’t stop yourself wanting to do more stupid things when you are caught in the grip of it. 

Too many times you must have been taken by the desire to construct the perfect Facebook status update riddled with subliminal messages and expectations, or to leave the “not sure if you got my last message” in her voicemail. 

What crazier behaviour can you occupy yourself with?

To be continued

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