Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mwanamke kucha!

Ms Drummond hasn't had her 14 inch nails cut in eight yearsLarue Drummond, 54, from New Jersey, USA, gets her 14 inch nails done. It can take up to 12 hours to coat them in paint and rhinestones. She has spent £10,000 on her 'obsession'Ms Drummond visits a long nail specialist for her manicure which costs £100 a go

A chronic nail biter who bit her cuticles until they bled overcame the habit – by growing them to an incredible 14 inches.

Mother-of-four Larue Drummond was 13 when she spotted a woman in the supermarket with long nails.

She said: ‘I plucked up the courage to speak to her and she told me if you look after your nails, they will look after you. From then on I let me nails grow and became obsessed with pampering them.’
 Ms Drummond says she tries not to let her nails get in the way of everyday tasks like washing up, but admits she needs help tying her own shoelaces
 And since then, Ms Drummond’s obsession shows no signs of waning, so much so that she’s spent £10,000 maintaining what she calls her ‘babies’, while she calls her longest nail ‘Miss Attitude’.

Unsurprisingly, Ms Drummond attracts attention wherever she goes from other people who are keen to nail the look.
 Daughters Venitta (left) and Khalilah help their mother put her shoes and jewellery on at their home in Perth Amboy, New Jersey'Nail sisters': Ms Drummond meets up with other women who share her passion for long nails
Others are simply curious about how Ms Drummond manages everyday tasks with her 14-inch talons.

She said: ‘People stop me wherever I go and ask about my nails. I'm always happy to talk about them.

‘The most frequently asked question is how do I go to the bathroom. I tell them, “the same way as you do. If you know of another way, let me know.”’

But not everyone is comfortable with her unique look.

Ms Drummond said: ‘I've seen people snigger at my nails. Once a woman wouldn't even sit next to me as if I had a disease or something. It really hurt my feelings. But it's who I am so I am not ashamed. If I broke a nail that couldn't be fixed I’d feel bereaved. My nails are my babies.’

Ms Drummond, who has eight grandchildren, insists that her long talons don’t impact on her part-time job as a child-minder.

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