Friday, July 4, 2014

'Nawapa bikira Boko Haram' (1)

Adokiye made tongues wag when she offered her virginity in exchange for the release of Chibok girls.
Her statement made it to international sites like Huffington Post, Daily mail and more and she says
I made an open offer to some group of people. The question is why they haven’t accepted my request?
 They should gather up the girls, prepare them for release and then I am sure they will find out if I’m still a virgin.Publicity card to promote my music and image? 
Let me take us back to when this whole thing started, these same people called it “Scam”, “Publicity Card” by the Government and now look where we are today.
 A lot of Nigerians are unbelievers and I’d say it is mainly some of our problems today. 

I am not stupid to play with something like this, let me even ask! Promote what music? I have not released any music or plan to even release any music anytime soon. 

So what music am I promoting? As for my image, if crying for freedom for the release of innocent children, a reminder to the nation that kids are still missing is promoting my image, then I say to you, let my image soar!
 Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting rape or pleading to be raped as what some people are making the situation seem like a joke but whatever those kids are going through, I say kids because we are not talking about girls anymore as you know little boys have joined in this.

Whatever it is they are going through, because we cannot see them, I would say should be thrown to me instead and allow them be freed.

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