Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wakatwa mikono ya kushoto

Two men have been left writhing in pain after Pakistani police chopped off their left hands .

They were accused of  stealing electrical wire and mobile phones.and reportedly refused to confess to their crimes.

They were brought to the hospital 8 hours after their hands were cut off..
However,Ghulam Mustafa, 38, and Liaquat Ali, 42, accused police of hacking off their hands with a large butcher's knife, despite their innocence.

Mustafa told Reuters from his hospital bed.
'Four or five policemen held me down and cut my hand. I fainted from the pain.Liaquat and I were arrested eight days ago after people falsely accused us of stealing and handed us over to the police who beat us and tortured us.Then on Friday, they did this.'

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