Tuesday, June 3, 2014

'Shemeji kamuua dada yangu'

Picha juu ni Farzana (kushoto) na mumewe, Iqbal 
.Ms Bibi's (above) allegations directly contradict all previous reports of how Farzana died.

 Earlier, I published a story of a woman who was killed by her own family because she married the man she loved.

She was said to be coming out from a court when she was stoned to death by her family .

After 25 year old Farzana Parveen was murdered in broad daylight on Tuesday, her father and four other relatives were arrested on suspicion of carrying out an honour killing in revenge for her marrying Mohammad Iqbal.
In a shocking twist, her sister Khalida Bibi, claims the victim's husband  killed her in broad day light with his accomplices because he feared she would listen to her family and flee.

The sister said, her late sister was scared he would kill her the same way he killed the previous wife before her so she planned to flee from him. ..She said..
                      Iqbal praying at Farzana's grave after she was killed this week
She told me that Iqbal had kidnapped her and forced her into marriage.She feared that Iqbal might kill her like his previous wife, Ayesha.
I was present at the scene and when she came out of the lawyer's chamber and as soon as she saw us standing on the other side of the road, she rushed towards us. Iqbal and his accomplices chased her and hit her with bricks.
 Mohammad Iqbal and his accomplices killed Farzana, and her father and the rest of her family were wrongly accused of murder.

 She added that last month, Farzana fled to a women's shelter in a bid to escape from her husband.

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