Thursday, June 12, 2014

Makahaba Kombe la Dunia Brazil

Cashing in ... some Brazilian prostitutes are getting English lessons to cater to touristService industry ... a prostitute and a transvestite wait for clients in the streets of BBrazil’s one million sex workers are preparing to cash in. 
From taking English lessons to setting up credit card facilities, the host country’s licensed brothels and street workers are making sure they take advantage of the big event.

More than 3.7 million soccer fans are this month expected to flood Brazil, where prostitution is legal.

In downtown Belo Horizonte are 23 brothels, known as zonas, hidden up narrow staircases and between grim-looking shops.

A number of the zonas’s sex workers are getting English classes from a volunteer to cash in on the six matches the city’s Mineirão stadium will host.

“For sure [the city’s prostitutes] will get more money with the World Cup,” a desk worker at a union for sex workers told The Independent. 
“In the nightclubs they’ll be earning a lot. It’s normal for foreign guys to look for them, they always do, and now there’ll be more foreign guys. They’ll do very well.”

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