Tuesday, June 3, 2014

'Leta mayai 9 upewe SIDIRIA'

Women received a deal of a lifetime when they were offered to bring eggs in exchange for bras.


A shopping mall in Xi'an, China, conducted a weird promotion to raise awareness for breast cancer.


This promotion definitely got women talking, and it brought many women to the mall. During the promotion, women got a bra for 9 eggs. 

No money was exchanged.


9 eggs reportedly sells for around 6 yuan, (about 96 cents) so that probably makes it the cheapest bras available on the market.


“The event was held to raise awareness about issues related to women’s health, and to tell women that underwear has a price, but health is priceless,” one of the event organizers said.


Many women showed up for the event to support the cause and to get a cheap bra. Almost 1,000 eggs were exchanged for bras during the event.

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