Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'Nilivyosambaza Ukimwi Dar es Salaam , Namibia' - (1)

Msichana aliyejitambulisha kwa jina la Francis (32) ametoa ushuhuda kanisani nchini Nigeria na kusimulia namna alivyowambukiza Ukimwi mamia ya wanaume katika miji mbalimbali nchini Tanzania na Namibia.

Kwa mujibu wa msichana huyo, alikulia kijijini nchini Tanzania, alifanya ukahaba kwa miaka 18 nchini na Namibia kwa kulala na wanaume hadi sita kwa siku. 

Amewaeleza waumini katika Kanisa la TB Joshua la nchini Nigeria kuwa, aliacha shule akaenda Dar es Salaam, akaanza ukahaba akiwa mtoto wa miaka 14, akapata mimba akiwa na umri wa miaka 16, alijaribu kuitoa akashindwa.

 Soma hapo chini 

“I was very angry with every kind of man, anyone that called himself a man… It’s only that I could not manage to hunt and kill them but my desire was to use any weapon to kill men – because one of them killed me. Inside me, I said to myself, ‘I will never tell them my status. 

Whoever comes to me, I will finish him. The way they infected me, I must infect them also.’ I don’t know how many men I infected but they are thousands.”

This is the true-life, shocking story of Francis, a prostitute who spent 18 of her 32 years on earth in the sex trade, sleeping with up to six men daily in the major cities of Tanzania and Namibia. 

It chronicles her diabolical form of revenge after discovering she was HIV/AIDS Positive in 2006 and her remarkable turnaround at an unlikely destination in Lagos, Nigeria.

Growing up in a rural village in Tanzania, the thrills of ‘city life’ grew increasingly more attractive for Francis, a fourteen year old who hated school and was notoriously rebellious. 

Striking a plan with friends, she abandoned school one fateful day and set out for Dar Es Salaam, the Tanzanian capital, leaving her home and family behind.

“When we reached the city, I found a lot of girls who were older than me who were in this business of prostitution,” Francis explained.

 “They introduced me how to behave in order to seduce men and get clients.” 

 Two years down the line aged 16, the young girl was already pregnant for an unknown father. 

Attempts to abort the child through native concoctions all failed and she resolved to return home to have her child.

 However, the desire to prostitute continued even after giving birth.

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