Saturday, April 12, 2014

Papa awaombea msamaha mapadri

Time for forgiveness ... His Holiness, Pope Francis, has called on church sex abuse victi

POPE Francis asked for forgiveness from people who were sexually abused by priests, and vowed that there will be no going back in the church’s fight to protect children. 

Francis made the off-the-cuff remarks after coming under criticism from victims’ advocacy groups for a perceived lack of attention to the problem and ongoing demands that he sanction bishops who covered up for paedophiles.

In his remarks to members of the International Catholic Child Bureau, a French Catholic network of organisations that protects children’s rights, Francis said he felt “called to take it upon myself” and “ask forgiveness” for the evil that some priests had committed against children.

“The church is aware of this damage,” he was quoted as saying by Vatican Radio. 

“We don’t want to take a step back in dealing with this problem and the sanctions that must be imposed. On the contrary, I think we must be even stronger! You don’t play around with the lives of children.”

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