Monday, August 5, 2013

Bi harusi auawa akiwa na mumewe honeymoon

Alice Gruppioni, the Italian honeymooner killed in the hit-and-run accident in Los Angeles at the weekend, was 'the diamond of our lives', her younger sister Carlotta said.

Alice Gruppioni, the woman was killed in Venice Beach with her husband Christian Casadei Alice Gruppioni with her husband Christian Casadei
  Ms Gruppioni, 32, came from a small town south of Bologna and was married on July 20. She was on honeymoon in California with her husband Christian Casadei, who was also injured when the driver ploughed into a crowd of people on the popular boardwalk. He is recovering in hospital with minor injuries.

Her family and friends said they were devastated to learn of her death, as her elder sister Naike and other family members flew to California at the weekend.

"My sister was the diamond of our lives,” the victim’s younger sister Carlotta said.
Many ran after the car, screaming and cursing as it sped away.
"Everybody loved her and she loved everybody. When you lose a diamond, you lose everything."
She spoke to the media outside the family home in Pianoro Nuovo, 10 miles south of Bologna.

Ms Gruppioni worked as a manager for the the Sira group, the family business, which makes radiators and she and her family are well-known in the region. Her father, Valerio Gruppioni, who runs the company was formerly president of the Bologna soccer team.
Firefighters combed the crowd, finding 12 people wounded and taking 10 of them to the hospital where one later died, fire and police officials said.
Silvano Scandellari, a childhood friend of Mr Gruppioni, said: "Alice was really special. She was always helping her neighbours and she invited everyone to her wedding, even the shopkeepers of the town. Rich and poor, for her it made no difference. She was really generous."


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