Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TID-Navuta bangi

People say a lot of things about me, they were just trying to exaggerate my life. Yes I’m smoking marijuana, that’s my sensitive thing. Hata kama promoter amenikuta nimelala, I had too much to drink., 

I am tired of the show, nimesafiri siku nzima, nimetoka zangu Dar es Salaam kwenye msiba, I have to be tired, I am a human being, I don’t have any access to drugs in the UK, how can I get drugs here? 

That’s impossible but to me it’s because I am on the spotlight and everybody is tryna get the advantage of it.

And I really don’t know who are they, do they like me? Do they fancy my fortune? Do they wanna be like me? Do they appreciate the talent I have been giving for all these years? Au do they want to come around and make a point? 

So I am gonna do what I do best, give them right tunes, connecting my music to the world like what I am doing right now. 

These is more like a third time me and you (Sporah) we are talking right here, people with drugs don’t have a capability of making music. Some of them do, but I am not the one, I am very focused I have a family, I have a band, I need my future, I need to fulfil my dream. So whatever they say, it’s not gonna stop me from doing, being the best.

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