Monday, July 8, 2013

Mke afumaniwa akizini, aomba 'nyumba ndogo' imuoe

A youthful man in Abom Village in Siaya County received a thorough beating after he was found red handed in the act with his friend'™s wife.

On the day of the incident, the victim had decided to extend an arm of goodwill to the woman husband by buying him bottles of beer before sneaking from the pub to go and service his wife.
 The two friends are said to have been childhood friends and always drunk together. 

The victim, who is a boda boda taxi rider in the area, left his motorbike at the parking area within the pub ground, and stepped out to ostensibly answer a phone call. It is then that he decided to talk to a colleague who rode him to his alleged sweetheart™.

Unfortunately, the colleague whom he thought he had sealed a deal with went back to the pub and informed his friend about the proceedings in his house.

“You stupid man, you are happily enjoying alcohol here while your friend has left, and as we speak, he is in your house and he looks like he is up to no good,” he told the woman’s husband.

The man stood up in pain as if something had torn his heart apart then sped off so fast that no one could have imagined he was drunk. On arrival, he made a beeline to his father’s house and informed him that something was amiss. 

Without much a do, father and son ran to the house where, much to their shock, they caught the two illicit lovers in the act. The philanderer received a beating of his life, sustaining injuries all over his body.

He, however, got an opportunity and ran for dear life. His lover, ashamed that her father-in-law had seen her naked, parked her belongings and left the homestead soon after.

But despite what had happened, the unfaithful woman went to her lover's home and pleaded with him to take her in and marry her as his second wife.

 She pleaded that she doesn€™t mind being the second wife since she was ready to offer more than what his wife had been offering.

His wife was perplexed by her courage and warned her husband that she was tired of his promiscuous behaviour and that if he took the other woman in, she would leave him. 

The man, who is still nursing his wounds, has yet to make a decision.


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