Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Boy takes 2 years to complete primary school

A young boy from Busia has shocked everyone after he took two years to jump from class one to class seven. 
Normally, ordinary pupils take eight years or more to complete primary education but for Patrick Amunga that is not the case.

The class 7 pupil at Manyole Primary in Nambale town has entered into the record as the first pupil to take the shortest time to progress from one class to another

Since he joined class two, he has progressed to standard seven where he is currently within two years! 
According to the headmaster, Peter Inganga, since Amunga joined class two he has always led in their class.

He stayed in class two for only two weeks and was promoted to class three. 
The teachers say that the boy is too bright and answered everything right in class. In class three he learnt only for a term before being promoted to class four.

Since then he has only been learning for a term and he gets promoted to the next class.

He grasps everything he is taught and in class seven he is the best overall. The headteacher says that they are privileged to have a genius in the school and they are sure he will emerge the best in KCSE examinations come next year.


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