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Can You Sacrifice Romance For Excellence?

  Best Graduating Student In Covenant University Is Still A Virgin

20-Year-Old Michael Eromhonsele sacrificed romance for excellence and emerged the best graduating student of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State. 
To achieve this feat, young Eromhonsele had to obtain a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.92, out of a possible 5.0, to beat 1,465 others.
See the success tips/factors that he said helped him to achieve such great feat, he says,
  1. First, I must acknowledge God’s favour and his assistance.
  2. I did not attend parties.
  3. I did not have any girlfriend or what you may refer to as a lover. I concentrated on my studies.
  4. He started reading from 10.00pm and he won’t stop until 1.00am.
Apart from being the best overall student, he was also the best in the College of Science and Technology where he studied Civil Engineering.

The 'Virgin' star has already gotten admission into the University of Surrey in the United kingdom to study Structural Engineering for his Master’s degree.

Unyama wa wazazi!

MKE na MUME wamekamatwa nchini Ghana kwa tuhuma za kuwafungia ndani (kuwaweka mateka)  watoto wao tangu wazaliwe, mmoja ana umri wa miaka minane.

Watoto hao hawakuruhusiwa kutoka nje ya nyumbani kwao, hawakufahamiana na watu wengine isipokuwa wazazi wao, na hawakuwa na marafiki ila wanyama wanaoishi nao kwao.

Soma zaidi hapo chini

Accra: Sad Story of Sibblings who had a Fowl and Sheep as their Only Friends
Three siblings who had been quarantined for nearly nine years by their parents have been rescued by the Madina branch of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service.

They were rescued last Friday after a good Samaritan had drawn the attention of the police to the plight of the children.

The siblings are Isaiah Mensah, eight years old, Isaaca Mensah, six, and Isaana Mensah, two.

Until their rescue, the children had been locked indoors by their parents in a house where they shared their space with livestock.

Apart from their parents, the children knew no one else, as they were not allowed to go out of the house except to accompany their father, once in a while, to play tennis or follow their mother to her workplace every Sunday to learn how to type.

The only friends the children had were three sheep and a fowl in their adjoining room.

The children have named the three sheep Lee, Matthew and Martha, and the fowl, Genny.

Since they were born, they have not had the benefit of formal education. They were taught English by their father, Mr Sledge Mensah, and French by their mother, Mrs Jane Mensah.

For the first time in their lives, the children attended church service last Sunday and had the opportunity to interact with other children at a home in Madina, where they are currently being catered for.

Their parents, who were arrested, have, however, been granted bail by the police, while investigations continue.

An elated Isaiah Mensah told the Daily Graphic that he and his siblings were happy with their new environment.

“At home we are not allowed to have friends, but now we have made friends and we play a lot with them,” he said.

Narrating their ordeal, Master Mensah said he and his siblings were under strict instructions not to speak to any outsider neither were they allowed to ask to go to school.

He said they took their bath every two days and at times, had to bath only when their parents wanted to take them out to the tennis court or the mother’s workplace.

He said it was their parents who taught them English and French lessons, while their mother took them to her workplace to learn typing and shorthand.

Master Mensah appealed to the police to help him and his siblings to go to school.

When the Daily Graphic visited the home of the couple, Mr Mensah was busy repainting one of the rooms of their four-bedroom apartment, while his wife was cooking.

Mr Mensah told the Daily Graphic that he confined the children for personal reasons, which is to give them a good foundation for life.

Mrs Mensah said it was in the best interest of the children that they were confined.

Resign, Tsvangirai tells ZEC

The MDC-T president, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai has once again castigated the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), alleging the body has failed to discharge its mandate.

Addressing party supporters who attended a rally in Harare, Prime Minister Tsvangirai called on the ZEC leadership to resign.

He alleged that the electoral body’s leadership is intentionally trying to subvert the will of the people by deliberately failing to avail the voters roll to political parties before the holding of the polls.

Mr Tsvangirai promised his supporters that a government under his leadership will root out corruption and ensure that job opportunities are availed to thousands of youths under his party’s JUICE programme.

The rally was attended by the MDC-T national executive, international and regional observers.

Mr Tsvangirai is contesting for the presidential post against President Robert Mugabe (Zanu PF), Mr Dumiso Dabengwa (ZAPU) and Professor Welshman Ncube (MDC).

Magazeti ya mashoga

Obama-land has gay newspapers for the gay community. Some go as far back as 1976.

The most prominent among them is the Philadelphia Gay News, fondly known as the PGN. It is a 40-page weekly newspaper and runs full-page colour advertisements on almost every page. 
Philadelphia Gay News recently won nine awards in the Local Media Associations’ 2012 Editorial Contest, ranking sixth in the nation among weekly newspapers.
The expensive adverts include exotic cars, highly esteemed university colleges, furniture, HIV care centres, unique gifts, absolutely outrageous cocktails, health, wealth and medi-spa lists and legal and professional directories — just in case someone wants to discriminate against you.

 The adverts also show where HIV positive gays can pick up their Antiretroviral (ARVs).

Hotels for romantic adventures, entertainment resorts with fascinating rendezvous, such as Atlantic City’s only gay casino, splash punch lines such as “The Fun is here!” 

 This full colour ad fills a whole page with a bare-chested, proud, handsome man, holding his long wavy hair like a female model would.

Gays who have made exemplary accomplishments in art, medicine and culture openly tell their stories and display their pictures — for the whole world to see. 

They are neither afraid nor ashamed of their orientation.

A newly married gay couple appears in the newspaper headlines looking rather happy as the bishop gives them full blessings to go and live together for better or worse.  

A closer peek at the pictures shows that one of the two married men is dressed in a woman’s clothes. That is what he, I mean she, for he is now Mrs, chose for ‘her’ wedding gown.

Wenger- Hatusajili jina, tunataka mchezaji mzuri

Arsène Wenger
Arsène Wenger is keen to add to his squad this summer - but says developing the players already at the Club is equally important.

The Arsenal manager has been linked with a host of high-profile signings since the transfer window opened and has added Yaya Sanogo to the ranks.

We want as many top players as we can but we have to focus on the players [already here] and develop them as well
But Wenger admits the changing nature of the transfer market has made it tough to close deals this summer.
“I believe that everybody competes on a very high level,” he said. 

“What has changed recently is that in Europe, countries like France have bought some very talented players who would two or three years ago all have come to England. That makes the chase for talent very difficult.

“What we want is not a [big] name but a good player. The name is less important. What is important is the quality of the player. We want as many top players as we can but we have to focus on the players [already here] and develop them as well.

“In midfield you have plenty of candidates - there's a big fight in midfield. Sagna has settled in well as a centre back. We have a strong squad. We are there on the market trying to strengthen our team.”

Former Birmingham City Christian Benitez dies At 27

Former Birmingham City striker Christian Benitez has tragically died of suspected heart failure at the age of 27.
The Ecuador international's death comes just a few weeks after his £10million switch to Qatari side El Jaish from Mexican team Club America.
As footballers across the world took to Twitter to voice their grief at news of his death, the Ecuadorian Football Federation revealed he was rushed to hospital yesterday with 'severe stomach pain' before he died from a heart attack.

Kenya’s Annabel evicted

After Sundays’ live eviction show that saw Kenya’s quest for Big Brother Africa supremacy end on The Chase with Annabel being sent home, in a surprising turn of events, Tanzania’s Nando has found himself disqualified.

In a fight with Elikem, which was instigated by Nando, the Tanzanian’s actions and provocation in the heated fight was a direct violation of Big Brother Africa rules.

“Any Housemate who becomes physically violent will be removed from the House immediately. Violence can refer to self-inflicted violence, or violence towards another. Violence includes provocation, goading, bullying and victimisation,” said Biggie.

Caught sleeping with scissors under his bed, the Tanzanian shared in the Diary Room that he was given his third strike for making threats against Elikem’s life, saying: 

“I feel like stabbing him. A nigga like that deserves to die.”

As for Annabel, the support from only East African countries proved just not enough to keep the Kenyan in the running for the USD $300,000 grand prize.

Papa- Mashoga wasitengwe

Pope Francis reached out to gays on Monday, declaring that it is not his place to judge them – while also condemning the Vatican’s reported gay lobby as a “serious problem”.

The remarks to journalists as he flew back to Rome from a high-profile trip to Brazil appeared to be more conciliatory towards homosexuals than his predecessor Benedict XVI.
“If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?” the pope asked.

“The problem is not having this orientation, it is lobbying. That’s the most serious problem.”

The pope had admitted in June that there was a “gay lobby” in the Vatican’s secretive administration, the Roman Curia, according to a Latin American Catholic website.

It followed earlier Italian media reports claiming that a secret report by cardinals investigating Vatican leaks included allegations of corruption and blackmail attempts against gay clergymen, and on the other hand, favouritism based on gay relationships.

Francis also fielded questions about Battista Ricca, appointed by the pontiff to a key position at the troubled Vatican bank. He is embroiled in allegations that he had gay relationships with male prostitutes.

The pope said he had ordered a “brief investigation but we found nothing on him”.

“I have not seen anyone at the Vatican who is registered as gay on his identity card,” he said, adding, however: “We acknowledge that there are (gays).”

He added: “The catechism of the Catholic Church says clearly that we must not marginalise these people, who should be integrated in the society.”

Gays and lesbians should be “treated with respect, compassion and sensitivity, without discrimination”, he said.

Gay rights and liberal Catholic groups in the United States gave the pope’s remarks a qualified welcome.
Prominent gay rights group the Human Rights Campaign, said that while his “words do not reflect a shift in Church policy, they represent a significant change in tone”.

Progressive US group Catholics United said his comments “speak to what every young person knows: God loves gay people, and so should the Catholic Church”.

The group’s leader James Salt said in a statement: “This statement on gay people, while largely symbolic, is a big step in the right way.”

Gay rights groups had voiced hopes on Francis’s appointment that the Argentine would be friendlier to homosexuals than his predecessor.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mtoto wa Kim Kardashian na Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have continued their recent spending spree by splashing out on a $1,200 (about N200, 000) car seat for their newborn daughter, North West...which is more like the Bentley of baby seats.

Mtanzania atimuliwa Big Brother

After breaking the rules relating to violence and provocation, tonight (Sunday July 28) saw Big Brother The Chase housemate Nando disqualified from the 91 day reality show. 

This season Big Brother has been issuing strikes to housemates for inappropriate behavior with three strikes resulting in disqualification from the game. 

The 22-year-old from Tanzania was issued a first strike in week five of the show for carrying a knife to a Big Brother party. 

Following an altercation with fellow housemate Elikem  late on Friday night, today Big Brother issued two more strikes against him – one for provocation and one for concealing a pair of scissors in his bed after the argument. 

With three strikes, Big Brother tonight disqualified Nando from the game. For his part in Friday’s altercation, Elikem was also issued a strike by Big Brother, his first in the game. 

Given that M-Net and show producers Endemol, are committed to ensuring the safety of all housemates in the Big Brother house, they view such incidents in a serious light and will continue to take the necessary actions against housemates who break the strict rules prohibiting violence in the Big Brother house. 

Chanzo: Multichoice

Mke amuua mumewe asioe mke wa pili

Residents of Matisi Estate in Kitale were thrown into mourning when an 18-year-old woman allegedly stabbed her husband to death to protest his plans to marry a second wife.

The woman is said to have quarrel led with her husband on Saturday night opposing the second marriage.
A neighbour, who alerted residents, said that on Sunday morning a fight ensued before the woman picked a kitchen knife and stabbed her husband.

The neighbour said the woman had complained that her husband had secretly brought into their home and slept with another woman while she was away.

Kitale OCPD Kimani Mitugo said the woman was in custody and will be arraigned in court today.

Chanzo: StandardMedia

'World's oldest person' found in South Africa

Johanna Mazibuko, raia wa Afrika Kusini anadaiwa kuwa na umri wa miaka 119.

Mzee huyo kwenye mji mdogo Kusini Magharibi mwa Johannesburg amevunja rekodi ya dunia ya mwanadamu mwenye umri mkubwa zaidi aliye hai hivi sasa.

Kumbukumbu zinaonesha kuwa, Mazibuko alizaliwa mwaka 1894, na kwa mujibu wa rekodi za dunia za Guiness, mwanadamu mwenye umri mkubwa zaidi aliye hai hivi sasa ni Misao Okawa wa Japan mwenye umri wa miaka 115.

Soma zaidi hapo chini 

At 119 years old Johanna Mazibuko, who lives in small town south-west of Johannesburg, could be the world's oldest person.

Ms Mazibuko was born in 1894, according to her identity papers, and has outlived five of her seven children.

"God gave my life in abundance, plus a bonus. I am very old now," she told South Africa's Sowetan newspaper.
According to Guinness World Records, the oldest living person is Misao Okawa, from Japan, who is 115.

Ms Mazibuko shares her house in Klerksdorp, which is about 160km (100 miles) south-west of Johannesburg, with her 77-year-old son, Tseko Mazibuko, who is also a pensioner.

According to the Sowetan, Ms Mazibuko prides herself on still being able to make her bed every morning.
"I'm doing alright," she said.

Her ID book, issued in 1986, shows her date of birth as 11 May 1894, the Sowetan reports.

South Africa's home affairs ministry has not confirmed the authenticity of Ms Mazibuko's identity documents, but the AFP news agency says it has seen a copy of them.

Ms Mazibuko, the oldest of 10 siblings, reportedly cooks, dresses herself, does the laundry and watches television.

"She is able to move on her own but cannot stand for a long time. She gets dizzy," her son told the Sowetan.

Ms Mazibuko has lived through British colonialism, apartheid and the era of democracy led by Nelson Mandela, who was elected South Africa's president in 1994.
The oldest person recorded in history was Jeanne Calment from France who died 4 August 1997 aged 122.


Mpishi afukuzwa New Zealand kwa sababu ya UNENE

Mamlaka nchini New Zealand zimemweleza mtaalamu wa mapishi raia wa Afrika Kusini,Albert Buitenhuis,  kuwa ni MNENE sana hivyo hastahili kuishi nchini humo.

Soma zaidi hapo chini

Authorities in New Zealand have told a South African chef he is too fat to be allowed to live in the country.

Immigration officials said Albert Buitenhuis, who weighs 130kg (286 pounds), did not have "an acceptable standard of health".

He now faces expulsion despite shedding 30kg since he moved to the city of Christchurch six years ago.

New Zealand has one of the highest obesity rates in the developed world, with nearly 30% of people overweight.

Mr Buitenhuis and his wife, Marthie, moved from South Africa to Christchurch in 2007. At the time, the chef weighed 160kg.

Until now, their annual work visas had been renewed with "very little problem", his wife said.

"We applied year after year and there were no issues," she said.

"They never mentioned Albert's weight or his health once and he was a lot heavier then."

But in early May, the couple was told their work visas had been declined because of Mr Buitenhuis's weight.

"The irony is that at the moment he weighs less than when we first arrived in New Zealand and also less than in his first medical, which was accepted by [immigration authorities]," his wife said.

The couple has appealed to New Zealand's immigration minister, citing the chef's recent weight loss.

An immigration spokesman said Mr Buitenhuis's application had been rejected because his obesity put him at "significant risk" of complications including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

Ujumbe wa leo

Bora ukastahili heshima ukaikosa kuliko kuwanayo ukaipoteza.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tina Turner's Unusual Wedding Dress

The 73-year-old music icon wore a striking green taffeta and black silk tulle dress for her wedding to German music producer Erwin Bach last weekend.

Tina revealed that she had first spotted her Giorgio Armani gown at a catwalk show in Beijing.
"I thought, 'I gotta have that, even if I never wear it''. 
 "Then I thought, 'I know, that will be my wedding dress!'" The dress was embellished with Swarovski crystals. she told HELLO!

Permit demands ‘hurting integration’

Tanzania has once again come under fire for visa and work permit restrictions imposed on nationals of other East African Community (EAC) partner states.


“The exorbitant work permit and visa fees hinder the free movement of people and labour within the EAC, yet some partner states might have a shortage of skilled manpower to run the investments,” the regional Manufacturers’ Forum was told in Kampala recently.
The manufacturers said they were surprised Tanzania still insisted on visa requirement for EAC nationals entering its territory as well as demanding the Yellow Fever vaccination certificate.

They said a national of any of the other EAC states -- Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda -- coming to Tanzania for business purposes has to pay $100 (Sh162,000) a fee that other partners do not demand.

Source: EABC

Viwango vya kubalidi fedha EAC


Harusi ya Theo Walcott

Arsenal star Theo Walcott marries childhood sweetheart Melanie Slade in Italian castle.


 Castello Di Vincigliata Theo Walcott

Castle in Tuscany where couple married

Arsenal striker Theo Walcott married his teenage sweetheart Melanie Slade in a fairytale castle and luckily for those of us who like gawping at other people's wedding photos, they had a deal with Hello! magazine. 

BNjW ZICcAAB2sM The Arsenal team photo at Walcotts wedding (Theo finally gets to play through the middle!)

Mel and Theo tied the knot (gotta love that cliche) at the Castello di Vincigliata, which as you might have guessed is in Italy.

Melanie and Theo met in 2004 in WestQuay shopping centre, when she was a schoolgirl and he was playing for Southampton's youth team.

Melanie Slade and Theo Walcott attend the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 World film premiere 

She was still doing her GCSEs when Theo was selected for the England squad during the 2006 World Cup and was called 'the new Coleen McLoughlin' by the media but preferred to keep a fairly low profile and concentrate on her career as a physiotherapist.

Theowalcottmelanieslade Hellomagazine Designerweddingdresses Suzanneneville Wedding
Melanie told Hello! magazine: 'That moment when I saw Theo waiting for me at the altar was so overwhelming. 
Your emotions are all over the place - you're so excited and euphoric because you're marrying this person who you love so much, but there are some nerves there too because it's such a big step.'


United by love, divided by law

In the bowels of Scotland sits heartbroken husband James McAllister, who has spent the last two years waiting for his Kenyan wife, Vera Akinyi, some 7,500 kilometres away in Nairobi, to join him in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

The UK’s draconian new rules have stolen McAllister’s right to a family life. He is one of the casualties of a recently introduced radical immigration rule saying only British citizens with an annual income of up to £25,700 (Sh3.4 million) per annum can apply for a spouse visa or take the option of going into ‘exile’ abroad.
The new rules also require a stringent English-speaking test for foreign-based spouses seeking a family visa to join their British spouses in the UK.

The Scotsman, a former Black Watch soldier, works for a supermarket where his salary does not qualify him to bring Vera, 32, and her son, Steve, six, to join him.

McAllister blames the UK’s immigration laws for discrimination against working class people: “It is derogatory that because you don’t earn enough, you can’t be with your spouse,” he said.

For the past few months, he has tried every avenue to get his wife and her son, but keeps getting knocked back.

McAllister says that the government does not want people being a burden on the UK taxpayer, but “I would be supporting my wife. I support her already.”

“I’m sure I am not the only person in the country suffering from this,” he said, adding that his inability to obtain entry for her was already having a toll on their relationship. “Every time I speak to Vera on the phone, I feel so bad; it is difficult keeping a brave face.”

He says Vera has suffered a miscarriage due to the pressure they are facing in processing her papers to enter the UK.

The couple met when McAllister was holidaying in Kenya. They married in August 2011, at a Nairobi restaurant. McAllister left his wife in Nairobi, promising to get her visa papers processed.

Vera has not been able to visit her husband in Kirkcaldy, but McAllister has made several trips to Kenya to see her and his stepson in Ongata Rongai.

Their heart-rending story is repeated in many parts of the UK.

Immigration welfare commentators say the new rules will exclude two-thirds of Britons, who earn less than the £25,7000 per annum, from living in the UK as a couple if they marry a non-EU national. It is estimated that more than 50 per cent of the 53,000 family visas issued annually could fall foul of the rules.
 “It is very difficult for a lot of Kenyans in low income jobs to bring their families here,” says London salesman Kariuki. “It’s a struggle that causes a lot of depression.

 “A lot of us will put up a brave face but, we have problems with the British immigration system resulting in a lot of broken families.”

The Home Office defended its minimum threshold law for British citizens wishing to sponsor a spouse visa for their partner, saying that the rule was based on recommendations from the Migratory Advisory Committee as the level at which a couple generally ceases to be able to access income-related benefits.

A spokesman said that while the UK welcomes those who wish to make a life here with their family, work 
hard and make a contribution, their family life must not be established at the taxpayers’ expense.

For many Kenyans, living in the UK is not a bed of roses. Aside from the new immigration and visa laws, the age-old problem of racial prejudice remains.

Joyce Ng’ang’a arrived in London from Limuru more than two decades ago hoping to build a new life. She later moved to Leeds and started a cleaning business. But she no longer feels comfortable living here because of blatant racial discrimination, which has taken a toll on her and her family.

Joyce is making serious plans to return to Kenya and set up business.

“I have been a victim of racial discrimination and abuse. The discrimination is so much, I could write a book. Not being able to get work because of the colour of your skin can dent anyone’s confidence,” she told me.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ndoa ya mlinzi nyota yavunjika, mkewe sasa ajirusha na kipa

Two top-flight Kenyan footballers have been caught in a dramatic love triangle involving a well-known female fan.

Caroline Adhiambo Kisero has confirmed to The Nairobian that she has left her husband Stephen Ochola, the Ulinzi Stars Captain and one-time national team player, for Sony Sugar goalkeeper Wycliffe Kasaya. 

Both players feature in the Kenya Premier League while Kisero has for years been one of the most prominent female Gor Mahia fan.

This was not what was scripted on January 11 last year when Ochola and Kisero were declared man and wife at the Attorney General’s Chambers. Months later, the union between the military side captain and the woman once nicknamed ‘Baby Gangster’ seemed to be on the rocks.

Kisero claims the final straw was when Ochola supposedly said he was not the biological father of their newborn son. 

“He claimed that (child’s name withheld) was not his son. That hurt me most because I’m certain he is the father,” Kisero told The Nairobian.

She also alleges the soldier-footballer is an abusive cheat, who always humiliated her. She claims to have endured difficult times, including being confronted by one of her hubby’s supposed lovers, who is also a soldier.

“Being married to Ochola was like living on the edge,” she said.

Kisero further claims it is on record that she reported some of the alleged domestic incidents to Ochola’s superiors in the military but nothing changed.

“They warned him but he got to a point where he was saying I wanted to get him fired. I thought it was really going to work out but eventually we just couldn’t be together. He did things that really hurt me and I just had to walk away,” she claims.

It is after this that the situation took a dramatic twist when Kisero was romantically linked to Sony goalkeeper Kasaya, who is a former Gor Mahia player.


Arsenal wakila bata Asia

Drama at Nairobi hotel as couple ‘stuck’

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 26,2013

Sehemu ya umati uliokwenda kushuhudia watu walionasana wakati wanafanya mapenzi hotelini  leo asubuhi

Watu wawili mwanamke na mwanaume wanadaiwa kunasana wakati wakifanya mapenzi leo asubuhi hotelini jijini Nairobi nchini Kenya.

Umati wa watu ulifurika nje ya hoteli ya Gloria kwa lengo la kushuhudia 'sinema' hiyo, na haijafahamika kama watu hao ni mume na mke au mtu na hawara. 

Polisi walilazimika kwenda eneo hilo kwenye makutano ya mitaa ya Ronald Ngala na Mfangano kuhakikisha kuna usalama.

Soama hapo chini 
Drama unfolded at a downtown city hotel on Friday, after reports went round that lovers were ‘stuck’ together.
 The unfortunate incident happened at a downtown City Hotel- 'Gloria Hotel' on Ronald Ngala street, Mfangano Junction. 

There was a massive crowd gathered outside the Hotel just to get a close glimpse of the couple.

Police were informed of the incident and rushed to the scene to sort out the 'issue'.

“We have been told there is a couple stuck together in this hotel, but they have refused to let us in,” a witness said. “We want to see what is happening.”

Nairobi Central police chief Patrick Oduma when reached for comment said “we have been informed of the incident and we are headed there to establish what exactly is happening.”

Attempts by the crowd to access the Glory Hotel where the couple were said to have been in bore no fruit as the security guards closed the doors locking themselves in.
Following the 10 am incident, a witch doctor said to be from Tanzania was called and said that she would perform rituals to get the two to separate.
- See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-129566/stuck-couple-nairobi-draws-crowd#sthash.K7cUEDBR.dpuf
Attempts by the crowd to access the Glory Hotel where the couple were said to have been in bore no fruit as the security guards closed the doors locking themselves in.
Following the 10 am incident, a witch doctor said to be from Tanzania was called and said that she would perform rituals to get the two to separate.
- See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-129566/stuck-couple-nairobi-draws-crowd#sthash.K7cUEDBR.dpuf
Attempts by the crowd to access the Glory Hotel where the couple were said to have been in bore no fruit as the security guards closed the doors locking themselves in.
Following the 10 am incident, a witch doctor said to be from Tanzania was called and said that she would perform rituals to get the two to separate.
- See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-129566/stuck-couple-nairobi-draws-crowd#sthash.K7cUEDBR.dpuf

Source: Capitalfm

Tall Women Face Higher Cancer Risk...Study

Taller women may face a higher risk of many cancers than their shorter counterparts, according to a US study.
Researchers looked at a sample of nearly 145,000 postmenopausal women aged 50 to 79 for the analysis published on Thursday in the US journal Cancer Epidemiology.

They found that each additional 10 centimetres of height was linked to a 13 percent higher risk of getting cancer.
"Ultimately, cancer is a result of processes having to do with growth, so it makes sense that hormones or other growth factors that influence height may also influence cancer risk," said lead author Geoffrey Kabat, senior epidemiologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York.

After 12 years of following women who entered the study without cancer, researchers found links between greater height and higher likelihood of developing cancers of the breast, colon, endometrium, kidney, ovary, rectum, thyroid, as well as multiple myeloma and melanoma.
Lifestyle influence
The height association remained even after scientists adjusted for factors that might influence these cancers, such as age, weight, education, smoking habits, alcohol consumption and hormone therapy.

"We were surprised at the number of cancer sites that were positively associated with height. In this data set, more cancers are associated with height than were associated with body mass index (BMI)," added Kabat.

Some cancers saw an even higher risk among taller women, such as a 23 to 29 percent increase in the risk of developing cancers of the kidney, rectum, thyroid, and blood for each additional 10 centimetres of height.
None of the 19 cancers studied showed a lower risk with greater height.

The study did not establish a certain height level at which cancer risk begins to rise, and Kabat said it is important to remember that the increased risk researchers found was small.

"It needs to be kept in mind that factors such as age, smoking, body mass index, and certain other risk factors have considerably larger effects," he said.

"The association of height with a number of cancer sites suggests that exposures in early life, including nutrition, play a role in influencing a person's risk of cancer."

Source: AFP

Mke aliyetaka kumuua mumewe, mtoto kizimbani

 MKE wa mfanyabiashara maarufu wa madini mkoani Arusha , Janeth Jackson (32) anayedaiwa kupanga njama za kumuua mumewe wa ndoa na mtoto wa mume huyo, amepandishwa katika Mahakama ya Wilaya ya Arusha pamoja na mtuhumiwa mwingine.

Janeth ambaye ni mkazi wa Moshono jijini Arusha pamoja na Novatus Elias walifikishwa jana mbele ya Hakimu Mkazi Mfawidhi wa Mahakama ya Wilaya ya Arusha /Arumeru, Devotha Kamuzora wakisomewa makosa mawili ya kula njama ya kutaka kumwua Jacksoni Manjuru .

Mwendesha Mashitaka wa Serikali, Edna Kasala alidai mahakamani hapo kuwa washitakiwa wote wawili walitenda kosa la pili la kula njama na kutaka kumwua Desderi Sabas ambaye ni mtoto wa nje wa mume huyo anayeishi Bukoba mkoani Kagera.

Washitakiwa wote hawakutakiwa kujibu lolote mahakamani hapo kwa sababu Mahakama hiyo kisheria haina mamlaka ya kusikiliza kesi za mauaji.

Mwendesha Mashitaka huyo wa Serikali aliiomba Mahakama kuwanyima dhamana watuhumiwa kwa sababu watuhumiwa wengine wawili katika kesi hiyo wanatafutwa na hivyo kudai kutoa dhamana kunaweza kuharibu upelelezi ambao haujakamilika.

Alidai kutokana na uzito wa tuhuma hizo maombi hayo ya kuwanyima dhamana watuhumiwa yameambatanishwa na hati ya kiapo ya Mkuu wa Upelelezi wa Makosa ya Jinai mkoani Arusha.
“Mheshimiwa tunafahamu kwamba dhamana ni haki ya washtakiwa kikatiba lakini kutokana na mazingira ya kesi hii kuwa magumu tunaomba dhamana isitolewe ili kuwatafuta watuhumiwa wengine wa kesi hii,” alidai mwendesha mashitaka.
Wakili wa Utetezi, Fidelis Peter alipinga maombi hayo na kutaka Mahakama itoe dhamana kwa washitakiwa kwa sababu ni haki yao ya kikatiba na kuwa hilo lilikuwa kosa lao la kwanza.
Alitoa sababu nyingine ya kupinga maombi ya upande wa mashitaka kwamba sababu kuwa watuhumiwa wanaweza kuvuruga upepelezi wakiachiwa kuwa si za msingi kwa kuwa ni watu wanaoaminika katika jamii.
“Mheshimiwa sababu za kuwanyima dhamana watuhumiwa hazina uzito wowote pia mshitakiwa wa kwanza (Janeth) ana mtoto wa miezi sita na tangu akamatwe Alhamisi iliyopita hajamwona wala kumnyonyesha mwanawe hivyo anastahili kupewa dhamana,” alidai Peter.

Baada ya kusikiliza maombi ya pande zote, Hakimu Kamuzora alikubaliana na maombi ya upande wa mashitaka na kuamuru watuhumiwa warejeshwe ndani hadi Agosti 5, mwaka huu, kesi hiyo itakapotajwa tena.

Chanzo: Habarileo

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Man in bestiality act with hen charged

A man has been charged before a Nyeri court with engaging in unnatural act with a hen.

Paul Nderitu, aged 40, denied the charge w hen he appeared before Resident Magistrate John Aringo.

The charge stated that on July 18 at Kigwandi village in Tetu, Nyeri, he engaged in unnatural act with a hen.
The prosecution told the court that the hen died and a report from the veterinary department was not deart.

Nderitu was released on a Sh 100,000 bond with a surerity of a similar amount.

The case will be heard on August 20.

Royal baby

Prince William and Kate waved and smiled broadly to the waiting cameras as they held their prince on the steps of the private Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital in London, 26 hours after he was delivered, weighing 8lbs 6oz.